10 uptown smartphone cases you can find in singapore

by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-25
If you think the smartphone maker is the only one desperately ahead of their peers, it means you haven\'t seen too many smartphone cases painting the walls of the store yet
We have carts on the sunny island.
When the size and material of each smartphone housing manufacturer is reduced to mm, the rest is to make an eye
Or according to the user\'s taste.
Needless to say, here are 10 statements you can get-as modern clothing now extends to our smartphones.
Street dress Comme de F * ckdown is a parody of garons Comme.
$39, iPhone 6 available only in Tangs Plaza, ante 01-
457A Suntec City Mall, another store.
For those who like the shiny waterfall, the sparkling waterfall \"Falling Stars\" phone case.
You can find iPhone and Samsung Note at various prices in online stores and any Singapore mobile phone set booth.
Clever use of foil effect-
Ombre trend has finally penetrated into the field of smart phones.
Marc Jacobs, 3D foil-
Case for Marc Jacobs iPhone 6 for $62A-
This handy statement case can also be used as a portable charger for your phone, so you will never have no juice.
The Red series of Mophie products, the iPhone 6 size is about 140 new yuan, the iPhone 4 to iPhone 6 can be bought here.
Each red special edition will have a net profit of 5% to contribute to the Global Fund to help eradicate AIDS.
Following the trend of Cocoa Black parfum bottles last year, Berlin-
The brand iphonia is creating fashion-
Technology accessories we are fully advancing.
Case for plastic Parfum iPhone 6, ShopBop for $50.
If you want to talk about modernity, it is impossible for you to miss this sleek plastic nail Polish graphic case that Shopbop offers for iPhone 6.
Native Union takes the trend of hipster marble case to a new level, making the world\'s first authentic marble case
For those who will only accept real deals.
Nativeunion offers genuine CLIC marble case for $118. com. And the on-a-
Budget version: recycled plastic case for marble prints of various models, S $27. 43 from Etsy.
Like leather, but want something in sharp contrast?
You can try this size.
Handmade in Italy, $195 by Case Factory from onlineA-Porter.
Everywhere in Singapore, these novel liquid waterfall phone cases can keep you away from the hustle and bustle of your work.
These floating duck aquarium cases are really good for us.
Many telephone accessories stalls and available on the web are also affordable.
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