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Here we will show you projects of customized phone csae ,that will help you better understand us.




In 2018, we received a project from Volkswagen Group España Distribucion S.A, cutomizing phone case with Audi/VW logo, requiring real liquid silicone case with premium quality


Compared with most of silicone phone cases on market, the technique we use makes our liquid silicone case feel more silky/sleek. Stain resist coating and details processing also fit well with audi / vw’s requirements




Through the perfect 24-hours following-up service, the details of improvement process, Shenzhen Tenchen Technology got the honor of being the priority supplier among many factories. Our quality logo printing also makes customer highly satisfied. As well as the the well control of every step during production runs.


Tenchen was created as a solution to make it easy for all brands to be able to order custom designed products online. We have more than 10 years in the business of cases and now has become a worldwide supplier of custom phone cases


Choose us and let’s get started win-win bussiness !



Next,we will show you the general production of the silicone iphone case


Tenchen Case Expert

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