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General customization process of OEM&ODM



What is OEM/ODM?

OEM & ODM Specializing in your customization !   TenChen provide you with a wide selection of phone casse & tablet cases & laptop cases at the high quality in      China, but we are also specialize in customize case with your logo/brand &pattern & your design case 

Both the terms OEM and ODM are related to the manufacturing industry. OEM refers to Original Equipment Manufacturing, while ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturing

OEM means Customers provide their idea, design, specifications about the products they want, and then our original factory find or manufacture the related products according to customers’ requirements and needs.

Summary: Your design, our Equipment.

Step 1 - Design drawing and Evaluation

The project start with design drawing,customer can provide us with 3D drawing(.stp), our professional engineers will study if your design is good to realize it , if not we will provide suggestions . or we can help draw if you don't have 3D file.

After confirm the details of design drawings,we will get onto the project,we will hold meetings to make a whole plan and procedure ,we discuss the problem we might meet during this project,such as Flash,Scratch, Aberration etc.then we take precautions,also a time schedule will be given to the customer when we decided it.

Step 2 -Molds

Before we open a mold, our engineers will switch 3D files into files for the molds, and We need preparing the materials like imported steel materials, we normally choose S136/NAK80/8407/SKD61, based on which material for customer's requirement on molds and product structure once all preparation ready , our experienced engineers will start opening molds as plan,normally take in 15-25 days depends on product structure

Step 3- Measurement

After complete molds, our engineers need use 3D/2D measurement machines to test the data of molds if all data is in the range of tolerance 0.01mm, we will modify it if out of the range , this is very important steps, that will lead to the phone case if perfect 


Step 4 - Samples

When the mold is ready, samples will be ready from the mold testing T0 ,we will check all aspects of this batch of samples,record and solve defaults if they have we will send good samples to customer for confirmation , and need customer sign back a golden sample,after that we will start to arrange mass-prodcution according to the golden sample

Step 5 - Mass production

We will be in full capacity at this stage,meanwhile random inspection or full inspection on each step will constantly be done to make sure the quality.

After we finish production,we will clear the cases, and check the products every piece again,and customers can arrange inspector to check the goods based on their SOP

Step 6 - Packing

After inspection, we will clear the customize case again, check the quality piece by piece , and assemble it into retail package ,after that put into outside cartoon , we used strong cartoon, to make sure the phone cases are good safe on the way to your door

Logo/Pattern customization


               ODM means Customers are interested in our original products of what Tenchen have or design, requiring that we use or adopt it with customers’ brand or patterns

               Summary: Our design, Your Logo/brand or patterns


OEM/ODM Service


As a major supplier of phone cases/tablet cases/laptop cases,we’ve been proud with some top brands in phone case area all over the world,Tenchen has been an important partner of some of the good brands abroad

Deep seated in our own industry, we spare no efforts to produce products with an edge not only in price but also in quality comparable to the top brands.Should you look for OEM/ODM service for any products related to cases, contact us today for our solution!




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