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100% PLA biodegradable Compostable Phone Case


Hey, guys, do you know how many plastic we wasted for one year on the hand of smart phone protector? Do you know how many years does it need for our planet to decompose these plastic? It is not the matter that you know or you don’t know, The mater is did you start to reduce plastic consuming.


Yes, Plastic is very convenient for our daily life, It could be made as our will, including LOGO, various different patterns. We could do anything individual design on it. especially we are used to normal plastic phone case. Now, it’s time to concern our environmental phone case, Zero plastic phone cover, Zero Pollution for our soil and our home.


You may ask what is PLA, in a simple word,  PLA is a kind of environmental material which is made from plant, after our processing, it could be used in the industry of phone case, and the important thing is after we don’t use it, we could directly throw it into our backyard, it will be Decomposed by microorganisms. What a cool phone case.


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