3d-printed cell phone case

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-27
Just like there are many places to buy mobile phone cases, there are various mobile phone cases to choose from, there are various ways to build your own mobile phone case.
This description will focus on the engineering field of 3D printing.
You need: any task of innovation is best to start with brainstorming and research.
Look at your phone, Google\'s \"cool phone case\" and think about what your design will be.
Remember the balance form and features: it\'s likely that you want something that looks cool to keep your phone safe!
Also, take a look at Thingiverse and see what designs others have come up with and even upload your own designs when you\'re done!
If you are lucky enough, someone may have provided you with the base of the phone case on Thingiverse, saving you the work of making the basic case of the phone case.
If you start from scratch, it is important to know as accurately as possible the size of the phone you want to cover.
You can use the calipers to get these sizes as well as Google [
Your phone model]
Find the dimensions of this information.
Draw your basic design and dimensions to make sure you know where each hole and Button is.
Write down what you can and can\'t cover on the phone.
This is your blank canvas.
Open your drawing software once your attack plan is clear.
Start with the basic rectangle size, length, and width found in the last step.
This rectangle represents your phone.
Next, outline the rectangle with the distance of the required width of the phone case (0.
Recommended 2 inch).
This rectangle represents the outside of the shell.
Squeeze the inner rectangle to the width of the phone.
Squeeze the outside out to the desired shell width.
No matter how much space you want your phone to have under the box, drag the phone up.
Now that you already have a basic shell, it\'s time to review the dimensions and create holes to make your camera and buttons available (
Depending on their width and the width of the shell, you may need to create a stylus to button as I have.
Like a case, starting with a rectangle (or circle)
Wait until later.
Make the hole a little bigger than the actual size of what you want to leave behind.
Once you have the desired shape, draw the reference line on the shell (
You may need to rotate the shell to draw on a different surface. . .
Just keep shooting. !
Place your holes on these lines and squeeze them.
As long as the width of the extrusion is as long or longer as the width of the box, you are set!
You need to subtract them next.
Basically you draw a shell and a cylinder or prism, but you need a shell and a hole.
Remove the hole from the shell using the subact command.
I like to use the SHADE command to make sure it works.
Now that you have a basic phone case customized
For your phone, save it as your own file and use it as a template.
Make sure you are editing a copy of this template, so you can go back to it if you make a mistake or change your mind.
You can also copy and paste it in the same file.
With the template, you can do another case later.
You can even share it on a website like Thingiverse for others to use!
Maybe you can start accepting invitations from friends. . .
$ After the creation of basic mobile phone cases (
Download the form Thingiverse)
It\'s time to put your own thoughts on things.
However, before going too far, I would suggest printing a prototype to see if any holes need to be installed and if the phone is suitable for this.
If you find that you need to enlarge a hole, just draw a prism or cylinder next to it and subtract it.
If the case looks too big or too small, zoom in a little and see if this helps.
Once you have the right design, you can add any customization you want.
Anything is possible at this point! Get creative!
Just not very creative. . . Hope I help!
Thanks for watching!
Enjoy the awesome case I\'m sure you will make! :)
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