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by:TenChen Tech     2020-03-10
When designing a new product, you need to identify your problem and then design your product.
My main problem is asthma. .
I hate the way you look when you\'re wearing a nice pair of pants, you have all these things in your pocket that make you look like you\'re growing things on your legs or your ass.
The wallet has been a huge peeping point for me since I started my back pain as I was sitting at work for a few hours and the bump of the wallet squeezed my back. .
Since then, in order to reduce the thickness of the wallet, I have reduced the amount in the wallet. .
Another problem for me is that I am a very forgetful person. .
Sometimes I forget my wallet and headphones.
If you like to listen to music at work or like to buy anything.
You know, when you forget that these are pain on your ass.
So the first time I tried to buy a similar iphone case to mine. .
Most of them, however, only do one or two things. .
None of them did it all.
Some people like the headphone organizer actually make the iphone look as thick as a camel!
So I started to study the internet and found that some places are very affordable.
If you are well designed enough, you can use very little material and actually make your 3d printed box cheaper than the caseSo you purchased in your store simply identifying your problem.
Try to find out if there is a solution to design your product to solve your problem and let it print out in 3d.
Here are several 3d printing websites. comShapeways. comSculpteo.
If you find a cheaper site, let me know that I did this tutorial so that you don\'t make the same mistake as me. .
It took me a long time to get my case in the right size.
The problem is that I did a measurement of Apple\'s spec page. .
This is a bad idea. .
You don\'t have all the sizes you need here. .
You must find the CADs page.
This is critical because the iphone\'s case must be accurate to MM to work properly.
The little tips just there will save you a few days! ! your welcome. . .
Anyway, once you find the right size, you can build a 3d model or you can find a model that has already been made. .
Reduce the size and use it as a template for making the iphone case.
Is another key part that you have to notice.
The program exports the file in different sizes. .
However, when I export my item and import it into the shape, Maya says my item is 1mm thick.
Com it has always said that the project is big and costs hundreds of dollars. The problem is that there are different ways to measure things in shape and Maya. .
I see people using rhino and other programs and they have similar problems. .
I was able to bypass this way. .
In Maya, I exported a small square 10mm. .
When importing to the shape channel.
It says it\'s 4mm. . Therefore, .
4mm in Maya = 1mm in shape. . (
What type of measurement to pay attention to when picking inches)
It took me a few days to figure it out. . .
The problem is shape.
Com will accept models that are not thick enough in some parts and will only notify you if they cancel the order :(Model your case. .
Create a measuring square to make sure it is thick enough. Now, the more complicated your situation is, the more you may be worried about the thickness. .
You can check manually to make sure your thickness is the same anywhere.
But I find that this site will actually check the thickness for you. .
This is incredible. .
It saved me a lot of time.
However, this site is much more expensive. . .
So I decided to use the styling. com (
Like I said, these people won\'t give me any money, so let me know if you know another cheaper place :)
I hope it helps. .
It can save you a lot of work. .
If you use it to make your iphone case. .
Please share your results. I made this video to show you how to make a simple iphone case with a credit card holder. .
I also provide the result model. (
Please note that I have changed the model a lot since then and added more features)
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