5 best indestructible iphone cases

by:TenChen Tech     2020-03-01
Buying the top smartphone in the market is an investment.
The IPhone is not necessarily the most expensive phone on the market, but it may be a big fortune for some.
That\'s why you need to protect your phone after you buy it.
After a few months, it would be terrible to spend so much money but lose your phone in an unfortunate \"drop\" accident.
I \'ve seen this before and that\'s why I\'m looking for the best indestructible iPhone case in the market.
From practical to super
The list is too bulky.
Read through them and see what you think, and at the end of the day I\'ll weigh it on my favorite iPhone\'s indestructible box.
The IPhone\'s OtterBox Defender range case is a solid multi-layer case that protects the phone from falling, bumps, shocks and dust.
This situation adds the least volume to your phone for protection.
This is not to say that it is a thin shell, just a thin shell for the level of protection it provides.
The hard polycarbonate inner layer is firmly broken through the phone and then covered with a durable silicone case.
The hard inner layer also provides a clear protective film for your screen, so the phone is completely wrapped.
It sounds like a lot, but it\'s actually one of the thinner, indestructible iPhone cases around.
The box also comes with a belt clip that can be used as a stand for watching the video.
Case for IPhone 4 Defender Series (Link to Buy)– $49.
Case for 95 iPhone 3G/3GS Defender Series (Link to Buy)– $49.
95 zincinvisiblesshielright, invisiblesshield is not exactly an indestructible case, but I think it is worth mentioning as it gives
The protective layer around the IPhone.
I \'ve seen a demo of someone deliberately scratch a movie with a knife and a key.
It has little damage to the protective film, and when the protective film is removed, there is absolutely no evidence of scratches on the phone.
You can choose coverage for your screen or kit to cover the entire iPhone.
The movie is thin anyway and you hardly notice it there.
When applying invisibeshield, your phone is still able to adapt to most situations.
Invisibeshield for IPhone 4 (Link to Buy)– $24.
Full body $99, $14.
99 screen protector for iPhone 3G/3GS only (Link to Buy)– $24.
Full body $99, $14.
99 for the screen protector, only Griffin Ilan formed a hard
If you want to get more commercial look without sacrificing tough protection, shell leather caseland-shaped case is a good choice.
Griffin makes this case with two layers of protection: one is the inner polycarbonate housing and the other is the top
To make the case look smooth, the outer layer of grain leather.
Slide out the bottom of the case to facilitate docking or sync the iPhone.
The box is available in a variety of colors and designs for sale, so you would like to have a look at their website and see what they have.
Prices vary depending on the color and style you choose. Elan Form Hard-
Case leather case for IPhone 3G/3GS (Link to Buy)– $9. 99-$19.
If you\'re looking for Magellan
Magellan\'s solid case for the iPhone may be something you need to consider.
When it comes to an indestructible iPhone case, this is not the case to hide the heart.
This is a big case, apparently designed for contractors and outdoor sports enthusiasts.
If you can handle the extra volume, the box can prevent falling and also waterproof;
This is not the feature you can find in most cases.
And you will like the case itself as a battery.
The phone\'s extender doubles the battery life of your iPhone.
Last but not least, ToughCase also has the technology to enhance the phone\'s GPS signal.
Heavy though-
On-duty housing, you can still access your screen and buttons when the phone is in this situation.
If you really decide to do so, your wallet will be hit a lot.
The manufacturer sold the box for $179. 99.
I can only find it online as low as $149.
Through the thirdparty seller.
IPhone 3G/3GS Magellan hard shell (Link to Buy)– $149. 95Case-
IPhone hard shell partner-
Core protection with ultimate customization options, case-
The tricky case for Mate is a good choice.
The shell has two layers of protection, one layer is the inner layer of silicone, and the other layer is the outer layer of hard shell plastic wrapped around the silicone skin.
There is also a screen protector in the case.
It provides shock absorption protection for drops and bumps and keeps the dust and scratches on the phone.
The best part about this case (
In addition to the huge protection it provides)
Is the choice of color.
You can choose the color of the silicone skin and the hard shell to provide you with unlimited possibilities to mix and match the shell. Case-
Mateiphone4 hard shell (Link to Buy)– $34. 99Case-
Mate iPhone 3G/3GS hard shell (Link to Buy)– $34.
Now that you \'ve seen some better options to protect your iPhone, I\'m sure you \'d like to know which one works best for you.
When picking a case for you, the type of protection you are looking for and your personal preferences will have to be considered. For me?
The OtterBox Defender Series case has prevented me from seriously damaging my iPhone on many occasions and I wouldn\'t go anywhere without it.
I\'m a little clunky with the phone and always seem to put them on concrete or other surfaces that usually ruin the phone as much pain as that.
Despite my abuse, whenever I take my phone out of the OtterBox Defender Series case, it looks brand new and undamaged.
The case is worth more than the $50 I spent on it because it makes me not have to change my phone more than once. What about you?
Do you know some great indestructible cases of the iPhone that are not mentioned here?
Comment and let us know what they are.
Have you tried a case here, like it or hate it?
Use your input comments.
I \'ve been looking for new cases and better options so let me know what you think!
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