\"Airbag\" mobile phone case from Germany: Say goodbye to broken screen

by:TenChen Tech     2020-02-25
When the phone falls from your hand, it seems that everything stops.You can hear your heart beatThere was a silence around, and all the cognitive activities stopped.You seem to watch your $700 phone spin slowly on the cement floor.
How will it land?Will you be lucky this time?Or is this all true?But if you put this case on your phone, you\'ll see it play a few times and finally land gently on the ground.This \"active shock-Absorbing the \"protective box\" is a bit like the \"Airbag\" of the mobile phone, which is the crazy idea of Philip, an engineer at the German University of Asia and Africa.His idea received the highest award from the German Association of mechatronics, which evaluated design proposals submitted by students from all over Germany.
Click on the video here and you can see how he explains its development process..So why not have a protective case that is only opened when the phone is in danger?So he began to study hard.The activation device he developed earlier was a sensor that could be used to detect when the phone fell and then activate the next step.
But what\'s next?Franzell continues to revise and refine, and his initial idea was to install a real airbag on the phone.But the idea is not practical, and several solutions later proved impractical.came.Soft materials cannot be used, why not consider elastic materials?As you can see above, Franzell thought of eight fine metal rings, usually flat in the case of the phone.
But once released, it will pop up and roll up suddenly, protecting the edge of the phone from direct impact, greatly reducing the impact.In contrast, without this protective case, the phone will hit the concrete floor directly.When you pick up your phone (hopefully it\'s not damaged), all you need to do is take the spring back into your phone case for later use.
Of course, some people may think that when the phone is still in the pocket, once the metal ring is bounced, the ideal situation will make you feel embarrassed, and the worst situation will hurt your body.Some people think there are several ways to solve this problem.For example, activate the proximity sensor of the phone and you will know if the phone is in a pocket or in a bag.
Franzell filed a patent for the technology, even at T-shirt.So this product is really going on the market.The next stop is to log in to Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform.
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