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by:TenChen Tech     2019-12-07
As more and more people buy Android smartphones, the Android platform is becoming more and more popular.
One of the reasons it takes off is because there are so many models to choose from and manufacturers are releasing Android phones at various price points.
While you can get some great cheap phones, none of them are cheap enough that you don\'t want a protective case.
You\'ll find some handy round ups here that highlight the best cases of various models of Android smartphones from the topof-the-
Line of budget);
HTC Android phone CasesHTC is one of the most popular Android smartphone manufacturers who make a variety of phones to choose from.
We start by looking at the top-
Sell the htc evo 4g and if this is your phone you will be particularly interested in extended battery cases so you can get more from your phone.
We then continue to browse the range that covers the top version of HTC and some of its popular mid-range products
Scope and budget options.
Samsung Android phone cases another manufacturer that seems to have won a big prize on Android is Samsung.
Their Galaxy s ii is the best Android smartphone at the moment, so we started there.
We will also look at some round-
There are good cases for the rest of their Android series.
Many of their phones are the same in size, so for example, the case for Samsung Galaxy S will work with any carrier-specific Galaxy S variant released from the glamorous phone.
Without mentioning Motorola, we would not be able to discuss Android smartphones.
They helped promote the platform in Verizon\'s original Droid series, and since then they have been busy using a lot of excellent Android phones.
We started with the Motorola Droid X and looked at some of the normal cases and then some of the waterproof options.
There are also many circles.
Their other popular ups);
LG Android case they did not have the same impact as the three giants mentioned earlier.
But LG has released its share of Android devices.
They started with a budget but recently they made some very high products
Android smartphone.
Like Samsung\'s Galaxy S, LG Optimus T is the same size as all other carriers
The brand model of this phone, so these cases will work well in other ranges from Optimus Prime to Optimus Prime
The most attractive Android version of Sony Ericsson Android phone CasesSome comes from Sony Ericsson.
Their most famous version of Android must be Xperia Play, as it combines the portable features of the PlayStation with a powerful smartphone.
You\'ll find some good cases of most of their top phones on the platform.
The two versions released by Google and Pantech Android phones are Nexus S (
Made by Samsung)
And Nexus One (
Made by HTC).
They are all smartphones running Android.
As you can see in the round
Ups has many excellent cases to choose from.
We end with the budget provided by Pantech.
This is our case Guide for Android smartphones.
If you have a favorite case, then make a comment and let us know.
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