are mobiles the new cigarettes? how your phone is bad for you

by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-27
Is the phone a new cigarette?
Will we find that the telecom industry, like the tobacco industry, has rejected the evidence that their products will kill us?
Most Australians have mobile phones.
As we use our phones more and more, there is growing evidence that the phone may have a negative impact on the body, the mind and the economy.
These studies have rarely caused a stir on radar.
Ten years ago, when seven people working at RMIT were diagnosed with a brain tumor, a Telstra spokesperson quickly assured us that there was no \"evidence\" between cell phones and cancer \".
On the contrary.
Although the study is still in its infancy, there is evidence that there may be a relationship between mobile phone use and brain cancer, especially neuroma, acoustic neuroma, and the tumor of the gland.
These early studies suggest that the risk of malignant brain tumors increases among heavier mobile phone users, especially when it is mainly used on one side of the head.
In 2016, the World Health Organization\'s international cancer research agency called mobile phones a potential cancer-causing substance.
However, the Australian Mobile Communications Association strongly rejected any low
Energy radiation from mobile phones has any harmful effects on health.
Most studies compare the use of mobile phones for people with and without cancer.
These studies depend on people remembering how often and when they used to use their phones.
The biggest case.
The control study so far is the Walkie Talkie study.
This includes more than 5000 head and neck cancer patients from 13 countries, including Australia.
As with the tobacco industry-funded research, Interphone research, although partially funded by the telecom industry, claims to be completely independent of science.
A friend attended the telephone exchange study.
A researcher interviewed her shortly after her brain tumor was removed.
She was asked about the brand, model, shape, size and level of radioactivity of her first phone and how often she used it.
It\'s not surprising that she doesn\'t remember. Who could?
There are concerns that due to the development of the child\'s nervous system, thinning of the skull and an increase in cumulative exposure during the lifetime, they may be more susceptible to any impact.
The World Health Organization lists the impact of mobile phones on children and adolescents as \"top priority research needs \".
So far, there have been two studies on childhood cancer and mobile phone use.
It was reported that there was no connection;
Second, \"research on cognition, teenagers and mobile phones \"(Scamp)is ongoing.
Although the evidence of cancer is still inconclusive, there is more and more evidence of mobile phone addiction.
The term known as \"cell phone phobia free\" has been created.
Nomophobia describes people who are anxious when the cell phone battery is dead or there is no network coverage.
People get panicked when they misplace, lose or break their phones, or throw them into the toilet.
The most common symptoms include focus on the phone, including spending too much time or money on the phone.
Other symptoms include adverse effects on relationships, such as taking a mobile phone and going to bed with a loved one.
Addicts may also use their phones in socially inappropriate ways, such as replying to text messages. conversation.
They may also use their phones in situations of physical danger, such as texting while driving or using a machine.
Recent research data show that some mobile phone users have shown serious problem behaviors similar to physical use disorders or pathological gambling.
People will be forced to check text messages, emails, tweets and Facebook updates on their phones to compare with playing Pokémon casually.
When we text and drive, of course we gamble with our lives.
Some science magazines no longer publish potential bias studies funded by the tobacco industry.
The same standard should apply to research fees paid by the telecom industry.
We need independent research so that we can all know the risks when we pick up our phones.
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