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Biodegradable PLA Necklace Phone Case


Are you still using the plastic TPU/PC necklace phone case? Do you want to reduce the plastic pollution? We would like to introduce you a new phone case-biodegradable PLA necklace phone case,a kind of eco-friendly phone case.

Shenzhen Tenchen Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional phone case supplier since 2004,we mainly in biodegradable PLA phone case,silicone case,necklace phone case,wood case,alluminum case,etc. For the transparent necklace phone case in 2008 to 2019,it is very popular in Europe and it became a trend.

Gradually,with the developing of the society,people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. Shenzhen Tenchen Technology Co.,Ltd researched a series of eco friendly phone case,biodegradable PLA phone case,biodegradable PLA Airpods case,biodegradable PLA iPad Case. Catering to the call to protect the global environment, The biodegradable phone case is made of compostable and degradable plant fiber, such as wheat straw, glucose etc., which is widely praised by the public, especially in European countries.

For the common points of the necklace phone case and the eco-friendly biodegradable PLA phone case,it is both popular in Europe,Shenzhen Tenchen Technology combines the advantages of these two products,they opened a new mold,PLA phone case with shockproof bumper,it could connect with necklace and it would not scratch the mobile phone so that protect it well.

Biodegradable PLA Necklace Phone Case is a new style phone case which high quality and feel smooth and soft to the touch. The colour of this eco friendly phone case is customized, It can engrave different patterns or logo on the back side and manufacture on clients’ request. Compared with the simple and transparent necklace phone case,biodegradable PLA necklace phone case is much colorful,it can meet with different demand. OEM/ODM is welcome. The biodegradable PLA necklace phone case is usually connect with PPM rope, cotton rope is also a good choice.

Beautifully designed and eco-friendly, Pla biodegradable necklace phone cases are durable enough to protect your phone from drops and scratches, and the pla phone case can be 100% biodegraded in the shortest time after abandon. Therefore, it will not pollute the environment. In additions,you could do anything for activities and make sure your mobile phone would not leave you,such as housework,go to the beach,etc.

What are you waiting for? Let try the new style eco friendly biodegradable necklace phone case!

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