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60s reading - What’s the difference between Phone cases


 You can find various of phone case products in the market,Plastic phone case,eco friendly phone case,silicone phone case,carbon fiber phone case etc.Phone case manufacturers almost used all the materials which are able to make mobile phone covers.

We can review the history of protective phone case development,The “leather wallet protective cover” appeared long before smart phones,customers use the “leather wallet cover”as bag to contain mobile phone,that’s the initial form of phone cases,after that Phone protective skin & film prevailed in the world,it’s not hard to find that new phone accessories appeared along with new mobile phones.and after dozens of years, the phone cases evolved into what it is today.

Back to the phone case topic,what’s the difference of the phone case?The plastic phone case,the case is made of TPU PC material,it exists in the market for a very long time and it’s still popular until now,but why?i believe there’s 2 reasons.First the clearance case conform to people’s aesthetic standard,it’s a simple transparent case,and nowdays people like simple fashion products.Second,the price of the Plastic case is more competitive than others,and much easier to be accepted by customers,this is the advantage of tpu pc phone case,and its also a good case to print logos & Printings for you,people like printings & slogan to manifest their personality,so custom the phone case is a good option.

  And silicone cases,apple also sell phone cases,silicone case is their best seller.Comparing to Plastic cases,the biggest feature is the softness,tpu pc phone case really is a simple case,hard back and soft frame.the the silicone case,completely different.the silicone case is made of liquid silicone,as we all know the silicone is pretty soft and silky,so does the silicone phone case,to ensure better phone protection,silicone phone case have microfiber lined inside the case,like a sheet for mobile phone.With the awsome silky hand feeling and good protection performance,people tend to pay more for their mobile phone,like the plastic phone case,silicone phone case is also on the evergreen phone case list!

  Whats the most popular phone case today? According to our data,the result is Eco friendly phone case and crossbody phone case.start from the eco friendly phone case.this product is a trend,people are more and more concern about environmental protection and the reality is that plastic is hard to be degraded natural and its undermining our environment.So thats why the Eco friendly phone case become a black horse.Its made from PBAT and plant fiber,wheat and bamboo fiber mostly,PBAT is eco friendly and compostable as we test in the lab,so the case is biodegradable in the nature,the material is also soft,you can smell the aroma of plant fiber of the case,and it also touches silky.pelacase is a good brand,i admire their work,we also can custom phone case with engrave logo if you want.and the crossbody phone case,in majority situation,we pierce 2 holes on the phone case to connect the lanyard,which means most of the phone case can be turned to a crossbody phone case,like clear tpu pc crossbody phone case.the price and MOQ is more competitive,and we have another type of crossbody phone case,the phone is designed to make crossbody phone cases,it prepared holes in the mobile phone when its designed,so dont need to pierce holes,so its more beautiful to look.you can choose which type suits your market.

  We will update more about other phone case.For more information,please contact our sales team.

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