calling 911 on a mobile phone

by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-30
I saw on the news that due to a \"power outage\" a group of mobile phone users were unable to connect to the 911 emergency number another week.
\"Why is calling 911 on your mobile phone different from calling on the plane here? A.
Emergency service call center nearby when someone calls the country 911 number (
Called Public Safety Response PointS. A. P. )
Answer the phone and the operator sends medical technicians, police officers, firefighters or personnel from another appropriate institution in the area.
This month, calls from AT&T wireless users in at least 14 states will not be able to enter the emergency network through AT&T\'s own cellular waves within a few hours, it could be because the software that routed the call to the 911 center failed.
The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, issued a statement the day after the interruption, saying the agency was investigating the cause.
However, AT&T is not the first or only wireless carrier to have problems connecting customers to the 911 service.
In previous cases, F. C. C.
Investigation into Verizon\'s power outage and failure to provide emergency services
In 2014, some users generated $3 in call services.
4 million settlement.
Pages dedicated to wireless services at F. 911C. C.
The site explains the challenge of handling emergency calls from wireless phones rather than cable landlines.
The agency noted that since \"wireless phones are mobile, they are not associated with a fixed location or address like a landline \".
While the mobile phone can provide the location of the nearest mobile tower, these coordinates may not be specific enough for the 911 dispatcher to guide the responder.
When calling 911 from a wireless phone, if you disconnect, be sure to give your exact location and phone number immediately.
To help locate calls accurately, almost all operators use enhanced 911 services to provide more accurate information to dispatchers, such as geographic coordinates of mobile phonesS. A. P.
The center has no technology yet to receive data.
AT&T, Sprint, T-major national carriers in the United States-
Both Mobile and Verizon have information about the emergency.
Call the service on their website.
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