cancer cells: italian court rules ‘mobile phones can cause ...

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-04
Innocente Marcolini, 60year-
A retired old businessman argued that for 12 years he had used his cell phone excessively for about 6 hours a day, leading to a benign brain tumor that paralyzed his facial part.
The Italian court ruled in favor of businessmen, acknowledging that there was a \"causal relationship\" between telephone use and tumor development \".
\"It means a lot to many people.
\"I hope this issue is open because many people still don\'t know the risks,\" Marcolini told Corriere della Sera . \".
\"I call at least five or six hours a day.
I always press on my ears with my mobile phone.
Marcolini\'s tumor is located on the three-sided nerve, close to where his cell phone touches the head.
Although the tumor is not-
Cancer, which puts his life at risk because it can spread to the common artery of the neck and block one of the major blood vessels of the brain.
In his case, he believes that radiation from the phone can damage the cells and make it more likely that the tumor will occur.
Oncologist and environmental mutation Professor Angelo Gino Levis, who testified at the court hearing, said the ruling was \"extremely important \".
\"\" The relationship between the last wave and the development is officially recognized despite anti-tumor
Alarmist propaganda and research funded by mobile phone manufacturers . \"
He stressed that after several case studies, the relationship between the use of mobile phones and the increased risk of brain tumors was confirmed.
\"It will be open, not a road, but a highway for victims to take legal action.
We are considering collective action . \"
Other experts are more cautious about the case.
Silvio garatini, director of the drug research institute, said there is no specific evidence of the link between tumor and mobile phone use.
Garatini said: \"The court is on the side of the victim because they are not sure.
At present, the World Health Organization classifies mobile phones as \"carcinogens\" and classifies them as the same categories as coffee and pesticides.
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