cops hate this gun-shaped iphone case personal finance

by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-23
\"Most kids put their phones in the back pocket and if someone reaches out to get them, in my opinion, they reach out to get the guns,\" said Al Della Fave, a retired soldier and gun instructor in New Jersey.
Dellla Fave, spokesman for the New Jersey Ocean County attorney\'s office, shared Facebook (FB)
Photos of the iPhone\'s shell he found on a closed police social media site.
A model poses with the phone hidden in the back pocket, and the highlighted case looks like the handle of a semi-automatic compact pistol.
If a teenager picks up the phone in front of the police, \"the first thing they\'ll see is the trigger guard and the butt, de La Fave said.
It doesn\'t seem like a good idea to me.
\"The model in the Facebook picture also put the phone next to her face and spoke to the phone, looking like she was waving a gun.
The phone case is sold online by a number of retailers, ranging in prices from $5 to $49, in several different colors.
\"This app means you can play Russian roulette at a party!
The Japanese Trend Store said in its online product description.
\"Don\'t worry, you can\'t shoot!
\"The New York Police Department did not reply to CNNMoney.
But a New York police officer from the 112 branch of Queens, New York, posted the picture on Twitter and made a few suggestions, \"I wouldn\'t recommend buying this phone case, it was designed to look like a gun.
\"It\'s not clear who created the case.
\"If it\'s online, then it\'s somewhere, that\'s the bottom line,\" said de la faff . \".
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