could you be allergic to your mobile phone?

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-02
They were accused of blowing up our brains.
Change our posture and undermine our mastery of English, but now scientists claim that mobile phones will also make us reckless.
If you have ever noticed swelling, redness, itching or blistering near your cheekbones, ears, chin or hand, you may be allergic to your mobile phone.
A new study shows that nickel, chromium and cobalt found in common phones such as BlackBerry, Samsung and LG can cause skin allergies.
Researchers in Denmark and the United States have found at least 37 contact dermatitis caused by mobile phones since 2000.
For those who are allergic to metals, the symptoms range from dry
Itchy patch on the face or ears to redness, blistering, lesions, sometimes oozing.
The latest iPhone 6 leaked Wifi concerns: Three-
An annual research Radio station 5 Live on the risks of mobile phones to children\'s brain health may put Robbins on the wrong flight route, and children lose 7 minutes of sleep every half hour, among Samsung and Motorola phones, there are 75 and 70 mobile phone keyboards or headphones with nickel or cobalt.
No metal was found on Apple\'s iphone, Nokias, or android.
Although some have reported a rash in their hands and thighs, most have skin problems on their faces. One 17-year-
The old French teenager had a rash on his chest after stuffing his mobile phone into his bra.
Most people report problems after 30 minutes of continuous use of their phones or more than an hour a day.
The authors of the report say doctors should be aware that many phones have nickel and cobalt in their headphones, around the screen or in buttons, which can cause allergic reactions. < noframes>
Datable: Does your phone contain common skin allergy metals? < /noframes>
Scientists warn that children and adolescents may face greater risks because they are more sensitive to nickel. Under-
Of all those receiving medical treatment, 18 accounted for 41.
\"The incidence of teenage use of mobile phones is rising, and the common metal allergen nickel in mobile phones is patch-
Claire Richardson, chief researcher at the School of Medicine at the University of Loma, California, said.
\"With the increasing use of smartphones, smartphones include not only mobile phone functions, but also e-commerce.
Mail, text messages, internet and gaming features may lead to more young people suffering from phone dermatitis.
Dermatologists recommend using plastic covers on mobile phones or wireless headphones.
Alternatively, rely on a speaker phone or switch to a metal-free phone that touches the surface of the skin.
\"As mobile phones and other mobile devices are used more and more, pediatricians are expected to see more cases of allergic contact dermatitis,\" said Mary catalito, a professor of clinical pediatrics at the State University of New York.
\"This information is important for practitioners, especially when evaluating patients with dermatitis on the face, neck, hand, breast or front of the thigh --
Common places to contact mobile phones.
Motorola said that many of the phones tested are no longer on the market, but mobile phones that meet industry standards.
\"When Nickel is used for user-accessible locations in our products, such as metal buttons, it meets the EN1811 standard, which covers the acceptable nickel ion release rate for jewelry, the spokesperson said.
This article is published on the website of Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and pulmonary department.
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