craft of the day: protect your cell in style with this felt case

by:TenChen Tech     2019-12-06
Like most societies in the 21 st century, we love mobile phones.
When they keep us in touch with our work, friends and family, it\'s hard not to be attached to them.
So we think the craft of this day is very suitable.
This exquisite felt case is not only beautiful, but also protects your phone from scratches when it drops . . . . . . So it\'s really a win-win. win.
Are you ready to do this cunning case?
How to continue reading-to.
Janee Lookerse photos taken from the yellow bird\'s yellow beard.
You need: felt scissors for beautiful fabrics embroidery needle embroidery thread scrap (
Like flower pattern)
How to do small buckle: 1.
Cut a piece of felt as wide as a mobile phone with scissors, and the length is 2 times and 3/4 times that of the mobile phone. 2.
Cut a small piece of floral fabric for the inside flap of the case, about 3/4 of your mobile phone. 3.
Draw a scallop pattern on the edge of the top flap of felt and floral fabric and cut it off. 4.
Lay a layer of floral fabric on the top of the felt and fold the excess felt so that the beautiful fabric is inside the stretched flap. 4.
Use continuous stitching to stitch together the felt around the edge (
Create bag)
Continue stitching and show the position of the flaps with floral fabrics. 5.
Mark that you will sew the button in the area in front of the bag, and then cut a gap on the flap in the corresponding position to let the button go through. 6.
Make sure that after the spots align, sew your button up and you\'re finished!
Visit the full tutorial of yellow bird and yellow beard.
Also, be sure to check out our other great crafts in the slides below.
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