emergency+ app: triple-0 calls made a lot easier by using app

by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-27
Usually, people call triple
0 in case of emergency, do not know their exact location or how far they may have gone to provide these details to call center operators.
Emergency service personnel in the area say determining a person\'s position in an emergency is one of the most critical factors for survival.
It uses the GPS function of the smartphone to determine the exact location of the caller, and the result is a faster response from the emergency service.
After 21 years of work, new state ambulance director Brad Porter unfortunately saw the \"worst case\" after callers who provided inadequate address details for emergencies \".
\"People often call and say \'I need an ambulance,\' and hang up,\" he said . \".
This is easier when most people call from the landline, as it is possible to leave traces on the address of that phone number, but these days the situation is very different.
\"About 65 times the phone.
Now, the phone has been opened . \" Said Supt Porter.
And, while it\'s possible to track the home address of the owner of the phone, it\'s not always the place to call.
Just recently,
0 called for people with cardiac arrest, and although the house number and street were provided by the caller, the nearest cross street was not.
Unfortunately the street is long and the carers are not sure which end they should start looking for the House and the road is also split into two halves without going straight through.
The medical staff were forced to go a long way and it was too late to get there.
Earlier this year, medical staff were asked to shoot on a rural property in the Midwest, and the caller was a visitor to the farm, unaware of the address or the nearest cross street.
Thankfully, in this case, the paramedics still arrive there in time to save their lives.
Although this is not usually the caller\'s fault, the Rural Fire Department of new state (RFS)
Lygon Wieland, head of the Orana team, said that incorrect or inadequate address details made it difficult for firefighters to do so.
\"We need to know whether to turn right or left,\" he said . \"
\"There is always a risk if we are delayed in any way, because we don\'t know if a person is trapped in a car accident or a house fire.
\"In his years at RFS Supt Wieland, he can recall several times that he received insufficient instructions . \".
\"This is often happening, especially with people crossing the area,\" he said . \".
\"People may travel together, drivers have a heart attack, and they may not know how far they have traveled.
\"We got some very bad calls, it\'s not anyone\'s fault, it\'s just that people are not familiar with the area.
\"The Midwest Police Chief Peter Atkins, during the 25 years of his work, has made a fair call for places with insufficient addresses.
Some of these calls are for missing or injured jungle walkers and four-wheel-
The drivers of the need for help in the region\'s national forests and nature reserves.
\"We must have had people saying many times that they were lost at the Kano Bolas mountain and they didn\'t know where they were,\" he said . \".
\"This delayed the response.
It could be a matter of life and death, especially on the mountain of Kano bolas in the winter.
\"Emergency calls should be done by opening the app and then clicking triple-0 icon.
Once the application is opened, it will show the exact latitude and longitude of your location and pass it to the operator.
The app also allows you to call the National Emergency Service (SES)
And police assistance.
A new state Fire Rescue spokesperson said that while the app is great for anyone planning to travel during school holidays, it is just as useful to everyone in the community.
\"A big part of the call is three times today.
\"0 is made with a mobile phone,\" she said . \".
\"Sometimes mobile phone users don\'t know their physical location, making it difficult for emergency call operators to dispatch emergency services.
\"This app can help callers tell emergency operators about their location based on their smartphone\'s GPS feature.
\"Brad Porter, head of the new state ambulance district manager, praised the emergency app and said it was good for a range of callers. She said it\'s not always the case for people calling triple
0 in areas they are not familiar.
Drugs and alcohol
Affected people often do not give enough or accurate directions, and some people with certain diseases such as strokes do not give enough or accurate directions.
\"They may not remember where to live,\" said Supt Porter . \".
West Central Police Chief Pete Atkins said the emergency app was useful for all emergency services in an accident.
\"All organizations have the ability to identify where you use latitude and longitude,\" he said . \".
The emergency app is free and can be used on iOS, Android and Windows devices via Google Play, Windows and Apple stores.
You may be the name of your local firie, cop or ambo, but you should only call triple-
0 in case of emergency
Emergency service personnel in the central and western regions often say that community members do not call three people
Instead, call the local police, fire or ambulance station for help.
New state fire rescue (FRNSW)
Sandy Collins, a Bathurst station official, said calling the station actually slows down rather than responding faster to your emergency.
\"We have to get all the details of this person, and then we have to call triple-
\"Pass on all the details again,\" he said . \".
\"Then we can\'t respond until it\'s [the incident]assigned to us.
\"If they had three rings
When the person was still on the phone, we were assigned to the phone.
The new state Rural Fire Department (RFS)
Lygon Wieland, director of the Orana team, agreed and said people should only call triple-
0 in case of emergency
\"A lot of people don\'t like to change, they want to call the locals they know, but they really should call triple-
\"This is the fastest response to an emergency,\" he said . \".
Station Officer Collins recently said that a call was made to Bathurst fridges state to report a bushfire, but the fire was actually in an RFS area.
He said, unlike FRNSW,
0 the caller is equipped with a map system that can help determine the location of the fire burning based on the information of the caller.
\"I think people feel a little scared about calling triple.
But it\'s not that hard, the operator will tell you everything. . Why not .
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