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by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-16
Case for ESTI smart iPhone-
Eye has now achieved the target sum on Kickstarter, and it looks like it will bring all the features that are usually related to Android smartphones to Apple phones.
With Eye case, iPhone users can also use features such as microSD card storage, dual SIM card slots, and wireless charging.
If you want to know how this is implemented, ESTI basically attaches an Android smartphone and its case to the back of the iPhone.
The iPhone case provided by the company comes with 5-inch full-
Hd amoled display running Android 7.
1 nougat and 2. 3GHz quad-Core ARM CortexA53 CPU.
It\'s equipped with a always-
On the display, there is a 2800 battery that can completely extend the battery life.
The chassis is equipped with a dual SIM card slot with up to 256 GB of built-in storage capacity.
It also provides NFC and has the wait function 3.
5mm headphone jack.
In addition, it also provides infrared function, which allows the user to control the TV or air conditioner with infrared function.
There are two variants of the IPhone case, one with a cellular connection, X1 Eye, and the otherX1 Eye.
Although total retail sales are ultimately expected to reach $189 (roughly Rs. 12,400)
Early supporters of the movement can get it for $95 (roughly Rs. 6,250).
X1 Eye 4g supports $129 (roughly Rs. 8,500).
It is worth noting that the ESTI Eye chassis does not have its own microphone and speakers, so these hardware components depend on the iPhone.
In addition, it mirrors the display of the camera app on the screen to help the user click on the picture.
There is no doubt that this is an exciting accessory that may help users who like the iphone but miss some of the more useful features of the Android smartphone.
ESTI even offers supporters an option to wait until the next iPhone comes out to make sure its accessories are compatible with the iPhone.
Of course, this is not the first iPhone case to run Android.
Last year, Jia, a accessories maker, launched the product for the iPhone.
This case is completely
Have your own modem, SIM card and run Mesuit OS 1. 0, an Android-
Based on the operating system with the Apus Launcher.
The box has small and large variants at a price of RMB 999 (roughly Rs. 10,000)and CNY 1,099 (roughly Rs. 11,000)respectively.
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