glitter phone cases recalled after causing chemical burns ...

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-26
Some 275,000 phone cases sold by several popular fashion brands, including Victoria\'s Secret, Nordstrom and Henry Bendel, were recalled after causing chemical burns.
The IPhone case contains flash of light floating in the liquid on the back of the plastic case, and the fashion company sells several different designs.
When the liquid leaks out of the box while using the phone, dozens of users suffer blisters and burns on their faces and bodies.
The recall in North America involved 263,000 cases sold in the United States, 11,400 cases sold in Canada, and 400 cases sold in Mexico.
These boxes are all made of plastic with Flash in them, which float in the liquid on the back of the lid --
A design popular in recent months.
From October 2015 to June 2017, they were sold in online and national stores at Amazon, Henry Bendel, MixBin, Nordstrom Racks, Tory Burch, and Victoria\'s Secret Companies,
Prior to the recall, 24 reports worldwide said that owners suffered skin irritation or chemical burns due to liquid leakage inside the plastic shell.
The company that produced the case for the fashion brand MixBin Electronics said 19 of the reports came from the United StatesS.
The company said in a statement that one consumer reported permanent scars caused by chemical burns and another reported that her legs, face, neck, chest, upper body and
The leak is believed to be caused by manufacturing errors in the production process in China.
The recalled designs are listed on MixBin\'s website and the company urges owners to immediately stop using the case and contact them for a full refund.
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