gold phone case brings a flashy, miami-vibe to daily life: wanted

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-16
It becomes almost boring.
Every time I take out my phone
Given how much time I spend in the day looking at emails, texting, and taking pictures, it\'s a scary repetitive reflection --
The shop, restaurant, or people standing in line for coffee next to me always say, \"Oh, I like your phone case \".
It\'s funny because it\'s so gorgeous, not me, really, on its 24k foil, brilliant future.
But that\'s exactly why I bought it and when my old phone case broke I was in a similar lobby boutiqueyour-
Facing the Miami version, it suddenly looks like a perfect souvenir in that scene.
Overall, I found it refreshing to flirt with bling occasionally.
It\'s like trying a brand new character just to play, not to take yourself so seriously all the time.
With this case, I might be JLo, considering the atmosphere of Miami, a crazy rich Asian, or a disrespectful design master like Marcel Wenders, he may wear the necessary dark suit, but come to dinner with a string of pearls like a lady.
Indeed, I have been riding a major gold finger theme recently.
My closet flashed the gold crappy jacket, the gold high heels, and even the gold leather handbag --
Any combination that increases the volume to near-
Every time I take out my mobile phone, I feel an unacceptable glitz.
However, the added benefit is that now I can always find my phone right away in the dark of my handbag.
Even if it has a sharp pit feeling on its pointed surface, it is a godsend, because there is nothing more aging than dragging luggage to find reading glasses, car keys, paper towels, lip balm and other daily necessities-
Somehow it seems that its run list only expands with the size of the jeans.
Then I found out that wherever I go, just take my superfly phone and I am actually the ambassador for local design and innovation.
In fact, my phone case
Golden kaleidoscope model from Toronto
Felony case
It is the work of Felony\'s director/designer Andrew Moore.
\"Our case will not sacrifice style for function,\" Moore said . \" He attributed what happened in contemporary architecture and minimalist design to inspiration, although describing the style atmosphere of this particular pattern as \"minimal\" could be an extension.
\"But, beyond the great name of this line, the real glory of all felony cases is that it implicitly acknowledges that technology itself is fashionable.
Given that my new lover is welcomed by the public, I would like to say that the person who is a felony is working on this case.
Karen von Hahn is from Toronto.
Writers, trend watchers, and style commentators.
Contact her at karenvonhahn. com .
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