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by:TenChen Tech     2020-01-05
California, USA (August 21, 2017)
Ikasus is a revolutionary company driven by the desire and enthusiasm to create high-quality products for customers around the world, and today it is a pleasure to announce the release and launch of their stylish mobile phone cases.
These high quality products are considered fashionable enclosures for various mobile devices and seem to perform well in other products.
They guarantee help protect users. ™Keep your mobile phone stylish and elegant.
It has been open since 2010 and is known for its business philosophy of \"We never discount,™It is worth noting that ikasus has designed and distributed more than 300,000 mobile phone cases worldwide since its inception.
This proves that the company knows its onions when it comes to producing a diverse and uniquely designed mobile phone case.
Just say they are proud enough to be an expert when talking about the creation of iPhone case, iPad mini case, Samsung case, Samsung tab case, LG case, Nokia case, Microsoft case, the case of HTC and so on.
Danny Weng, CEO of the company, said excitedly;
We are very pleased with the availability of our beautifully designed case and we know that all of our customers will be happy as well.
These enclosures are carefully designed to enhance your fashion lifestyle and protect your equipment from damage.
In addition, they have simple style, curved sides, and a comfortable grip.
Not considering the situation of mobile devices and one™The design, style or color preference of Ikasus has covered everyone.
Visit this company™S website shows that the available phone case is selected in the different labels of each brand.
Different cuts on the case make sure your phone™S logo is n™T hide.
They also ensure that access to different ports and buttons on the device is not hindered at all.
The port opening is wide enough to accommodate third-party chargers and headphones.
Voting on any of our phone cases is a vote on style, elegance, convenience and protectionWeng concluded.
To learn more about ikasus and its high-quality phone case, visit Media Contact: ikasusName: ikasusPosition: PR department manager Location: Los Angeles, CA: 18617137660
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