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by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-13
Fashion is a price to pay, and dozens of iPhone users have learned the hard way after their protective box gave them chemical burns.
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has forcibly recalled the cases, which were manufactured by a Chinese-based company called MixBin Electronics.
The IPhone\'s case is double.
Loose glitter of wall plastic hanging in liquid substances is sold in many clothing stores, including Nordstrom shelves, Tory Burch and Victoria\'s secrets.
They have a wide range of styles, from ordinary glitter to a wide variety of graphic designs, including at least two patterns featuring Victoria\'s Secret logo.
These boxes are available in stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico and are also sold online through GetMixBin.
Compatible with iPhone 6, 6s and 7.
\"Due to the risk of skin irritation, these cases are being recalled if the liquid contained in the case of the phone case leaks and is in contact with the skin due to the case being damaged or cracked, blisters or burns, the company said in a recall notice.
MixBin offers a full refund to anyone who purchased one of the defective cases.
According to consumer goods group of the United States, 24 users reported that their skin was stimulated or chemically burned due to the rupture of the shell and the leakage of the liquid onto the skin.
A report details in particular the burn and swelling of the consumer\'s upper body, hands, face, neck and legs.
If you happen to have one of them, you can register the recall on the company\'s website.
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