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by:TenChen Tech     2020-02-22
If, like me, raise your hand, the screen on your phone has been separated.
Approve, put your hand down.
Currently, since there is no box on your phone to protect it, how many of you have broken your screen? Correct. . .
That\'s me too.
I don\'t think about you, but since I can\'t focus on a plan, I postponed the purchase of a case.
I need to find something I cherish or buy twelve of them so I can change my point of view!
We change our clothes, shoes and even our extra service. . .
Why not our phone box?
I am the kind of person who has a large variety of boxes for my iPhone.
According to my mental state, I like to have the freedom to change me often.
Does this make me a little crazy?
In fact, I should admit that I have a tendency that I will never have enough cases. The man of honor is a delicate thin iPhone 6 s/6 case,
The back is covered with a typical Glen Check texture, reminiscent of the stylish respectable man in a luxury suit. Ultra-
Shield forever, water
The insect repellent with all-round material handling performs a texture that creates a synergistic energy effect through the back cover with the hidden sound to enhance and adjust the sound of the gadget.
The adaptable TPU provides clear scratch resistance in the inward center.
When the fixed design baffle around the current edge holds the screen, the hard pc back cover ensures that any falls are prevented.
Enter the only shadow.
If you have finished pure black, you may need to delay using your phone until you can get the case.
Apple itself said, \"its high flash may indicate a small scratch after use.
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If you are concerned about this issue, we recommend that you take advantage of one of the many accessible cases to ensure your iPhone.
\"If you have the opportunity to look at the page further and carefully, you may find that the iPhone 7 case is suitable for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 s based on the measurement results.
Still, the iPhone 7 case hides the headphone jack on the iPhone 6 or 6 s, which is not terrible unless you are a remote headphone enthusiast.
You have another phone anyway, so it should have another phone.
Please keep reading some suggestions. (
For more information, see our iPhone 7 Plus case review. If you are using more experienced gadgets, check out the case for iPhone 6 and 6 s as well as 6 Plus and 6 s Plus. )
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