Is a light-up phone case the key to taking \'flawless\' selfies like a Kardashian? FEMAIL tests out Kim\'s favorite photo-enhancing accessory with impressive results

by:TenChen Tech     2020-02-28
No one argued that when it comes to selfies --
Kim Kardashian is the Queen. The 35-year-old mother-of-
Two people were very positive about her selfie ability, so she collected her favorite and published them in a book called selfishness.
There is no doubt that many real stars seem
Thanks for the perfect self-portrait.
At least part.
With the help of professional production-
Recently, Kim revealed that in addition to artists and hair stylists, there is a key component to her selfie --Take: a lamp-up phone case.
Last month Kim shared a post on her website about her \"obsession\" with Lumee case, a simple attachment
Like other cases.
LED lights are around the front phone.
In her praise of her favorite phone accessories, she wrote: \"The Secret of selfies is definitely lighting.
I love my Lumee case!
Its front lights illuminate anywhere you are, especially in the dark.
Kim even revealed that Hillary Clinton, the presidential candidate, expressed admiration for Lumee\'s case when meeting with Lumee, and of course took selfies together.
Gold also said hillary • Clinton (hillary Clinton) today in Allen • De Jenny Ness (Ellen DeGeneres) of show in she talk about to we With Selfie of things.
\"I\'m so excited!
She said it was the best phone case she had ever seen.
People who see me are obsessed!
A little selfie-obsessed -
Someone might say I\'m narcissistic.
I just know that I have to try this case myself, hopefully it will give me a boost --less-than-
The perfect self-portrait is the same as Kim\'s perfection and enviable.
The first thing I noticed about this case is that it\'s very easy to use --
It is very easy to clip on the back of my iPhone, the button used to turn on the actual light is in a good position on the back, which makes it easy to slide in the middleselfie.
To charge the case, you plug it into the computer using a USB cable.
Good so far.
Bright LED lights can also be darkened by holding down the back button and then light up again, which is a convenient feature, which means you can adjust the glare of the lights according to the brightness of the surrounding environment.
When it comes to taking actual photos, I want to test this case in many different scenarios --
I feel that the light will be more effective when taking pictures in the dark, but not sure if using it during the day or in artificial light will bring some sort of \"perfect\" glow to my face.
To be honest, when you take a selfie in bright natural light, this will not have a big impact.
If the light is really cold, or if the weather is particularly gray, Lumee does help to add a little warmth to the face, however, otherwise, there is not much difference in the selfie taken when the LED light is turned on or off.
However, if you\'re sitting in natural light behind you, for example, if you\'re sitting in front of a window, the Lumee light does help to highlight your face --
Instead of letting it hang in the shadow of unpleasantness.
Depending on the light you\'re in, the Lumee light can really help improve any selfies taken indoors under a ceiling light, light or any other form of artificial lighting.
If you\'re unlucky to take a selfie under the lights of the fluorescent office
Probably the least flattering of all artificial lights --
The Lumee case will then help to add a little warmth to your face;
Fluorescents tend to wash off your skin tone while highlighting various facial defects such as eye bags and redness.
But with the help of light
Up case, these do go off a little bit, especially when you get your phone close to your face and let the phone shine an impressive light.
And vice versa, if the artificial lighting you are using is too hot, you can use the Lumee shell to add a more flattering glow to your face in order to make your face look more natural, balance any orange tone.
I wouldn\'t lie that my face immediately got the same outline perfect as Kim, but Lumee\'s light did bring me a little closer.
While Lumee case is useful in other scenes, it really shines when you try to take a selfie in the dark.
I put it in the most difficult situation for testing;
I tried to ignore the attention of my colleagues, lock myself in a dark cabinet, and start snapping up to see how Lumi would be in as dark a situation as possible.
I should point out-
For those who don\'t know
No flash even with the latest iPhone model-
Facing the camera, this makes a selfie in the dim
Unless you have someone else take a photo with the main camera and flash, it is almost impossible to illuminate even the dark environment.
However, with the help of the Lumee case, this is no longer an issue.
Forget to snap photos of you and your friends when you go out at night and never worry about not being able to capture your own images when the lights are not perfect.
I won\'t lie now.
There were some initial issues when I first took a selfie.
The lights are bright and my face looks like twotone -
Half Yellow.
The other one is pink.
I basically look like a very
Up version of Batman villain 2-
Face may be great for Halloween, but this is not what I really want in the dayto-day basis.
I\'m really disappointed to be honest.
I had high hopes for the case and I was destroyed after my initial shooting, which is a reason for the failure.
Due to a little technical incompetence, I only found the dimmer function on the box a few days later, but when I finally got-
I was overjoyed when I left.
Dimming the lights does help reduce the embarrassment twice
The hue on my selfie also means my face doesn\'t look so shinyalways a bonus.
Of course, I didn\'t waste my time sharing the results on Snapchat, making the most of all Lumee to add that has-sky-
I take a lot of selfies every day.
There is no doubt that my followers are excited.
So is Lumee\'s box worth $50?
I wouldn\'t try to pretend that my selfie suddenly reached the level of perfection that Kim Kardashian and her sisters saw, however, they certainly took a big step out of the dim light --
They used to be a disaster that was ignited.
While I\'m not sure as far as the phone accessories are concerned, I would think this is \"necessary\", but I find myself clicking the \"on\" button a lot more times than I thought I could really imagine right now, whenever I flick the front, there is no extra gift of LED glow --facing camera.
As an additional benefit, the slightly clunky nature of the case has doubled, and as a form of protection for my iPhone, I admit that I give up from time to time;
Taking selfies is a dangerous business.
You were warned.
So if you dream of shooting Kardashian, too.
It\'s worth seeing that it\'s definitely worth giving Lumee a chance, especially if you\'re looking for an excuse to take more selfies than you \'ve already taken.
Who knows, I may be posting my own selfish version soon. . .
You heard it here first.
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