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Is it necessary to get some ‘’clothes’’ for your iPhone?


For now, the benefits of sticking a toughened screen protector on a mobile phone are still greater than those that are not. This is not only a reason for protecting the screen, but there are many other considerations.


1. For safety issues, the screen protector is used to damage the screen of the mobile phone screen due to external forces. The toughened screen protector is an effective protection, whether it is placed in a pocket or accidentally dropped, it can effectively prevent scratches and damage.



2. In terms of feel, many people do not stick the screen protector, mainly because of the feeling of the hand. When the mobile phone is shipped from the factory, the screen has an oleophobic layer, which makes the feel smoother, and it is not easy to get fingerprints and don't like screen protector.

However, this oleophobic layer will actually be consumed slowly for a long time. After all, this is just a coating of glass, not a part of the glass. It is permanent. When the light is worn, the screen will be awkward and difficult to scratch;

And now many high-end toughened membranes also have oleophobic layer, anti-fingerprint and smooth effect. Therefore, sticking a toughened film not only does not return to the bottom touch, but also protects the integrity of its oleophobic layer.



3. Anti-blue light and other functions. In addition to safety and oleophobic layer problems, some functional steel screen protectors have also added functions such as anti-blue light. Although most people do not have much influence on blue light, some blue eyes still have a certain effect on eye protection. of.


Therefore, the cell phone screen protector is actually necessary, but without destroying the feel of the hand, it is protected by security, why not do it.

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