is there lead in my phone case?

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By: Rayana Godfrey has no lead position in the human body and is simple and clear.
Even the minimum amount of exposure to this element is toxic.
Scientists estimate that most people had this idea before the Industrial Revolution.
They have a microgram of lead for every half of their blood.
But since then, we have invested a lot of lead in the environment.
\"If you\'re lucky,\" Environmental toxicologist Donald Smith told me, \"the lead level in your blood could be between 1 and 2 micrograms.
\"This is hundreds of times more than people before the industry.
That\'s enough to cause detectable nerve damage, says Smith, who teaches at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Scary, right?
When I was young, the only thing I knew about lead was that it was the pointed part of the pencil (
Since then, I have learned graphite. .
In high school, lead is just another element on the periodic table (
Somewhere near the bottom of these heavy metals).
But recently, I have had the opportunity to understand how metals get into our bodies from the environment.
This activity is a brain and Beaker activity of the youth radio station (
Watch the video above).
Researchers at the Center for Environmental Health visited youth radio Auckland headquarters to show how they used X-
Ray Gun Testing Chemical makeup--and safety --
Fashion accessories and household items.
If it contains lead, this daily product can pose a serious hazard to health.
Over time, this metal follows a repetitive path from the product to your hand to your mouth and your blood.
\"There are a lot of health impacts due to lead,\" said Caroline Cox, research director at the center . \".
The most serious impact is the result of exposure during rapid brain development in the uterus and early childhood.
According to Cox, a child exposed to lead was more likely to be arrested in his teens.
To support this theory, some economists point out that,S.
The ban on the use of lead gasoline in early 1980 has led to a significant reduction in infant exposure to lead.
In the mid-90 s, when the babies were in their teens, the rate of juvenile arrest dropped sharply.
I don\'t know if these links exist and I have to learn more about my own exposure.
The researchers at the center told us what to pay attention to: cheap jewelry, vinyl and fake leather, and anything bright in color, because manufacturers sometimes add lead compounds to paint, bring neon lights to their products.
I suddenly thought: what if the popular vintage trend is to make up in bright colors, which increases our exposure to lead?
As someone with a lot of neon lights in a wardrobe, I feel like I\'m in a lot of danger.
So I asked Cox and her researchers to test a fashion accessory I \'ve been working on ---
My yellow case.
A researcher put my phone case in a room and opened X-rays at it.
The light bounces from the box and returns at different frequencies depending on the elements in the box.
The sensor in the gun reads these frequencies and after 30 seconds the screen shows which elements are present.
I looked next to the symbol of lead, lead and saw the letter \"ND \". . . not detected. Phew!
My phone case is free.
In fact, since 2009, although Cox and her team said that about 5% of the jewelry they checked was still positive for trace lead, they found less and less lead
Contaminated products on the market
But my relief is short.
Because I quickly learned something unpleasant from Donald Smith at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
He told me that the main source of lead poisoning in children is not consumer goods,
It comes from old houses painted with lead.
Paint and dust contaminated with lead gasoline years ago.
I\'m getting less and less worried about things in the store, and more worried about things in a larger environment.
I asked Smith if teenagers were exempt from lead due to the focus of public health work on lead exposure for preschool children.
\"Not at all,\" he said . \"
Smith even studied older people who had accumulated ten years of lead in their bones.
With the beginning of osteoporosis, their bones began to break down and lead penetrated into their blood.
Smith said: \"So even if they are not exposed to high levels of lead right now,\" when they were children and young people, the lead they were exposed to was removed, when they were adults, lead levels will increase.
\"There is nothing in our environment and in our environment to escape.
Charlie Foster contributed to the editor.
The video was made by Charlotte bouchen with Jenny borario and Suzanne Buang.
More information: the youth radio survey is the NSF-
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Check out more information from the Science desk of youth radio.
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