italy court ruling links mobile phone use to tumor - reuters

by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-29
ROME (Reuters)-
Italy\'s Supreme Court upheld a ruling that said there was a link between a brain tumor of a corporate executive and his heavy use of mobile phones, which could open the door for further legal proceedings.
The court\'s decision failed in the face of many scientific views. This often indicates that there is not enough evidence of a link between mobile phone use and diseases such as cancer, and some experts say that the Italian ruling should not be used to draw a broader conclusion on the issue.
\"We need to be very careful before we draw conclusions about cell phones and brain tumors,\" said Malcolm Spain, director of medical physics and clinical engineering at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.
The case in Italy involves Innocenzo Marcolini, director of the company, who is using a mobile phone 5-
Six hours a day for 12 years.
He usually takes the phone with his left hand and takes notes with his right hand.
Marcolini developed
Known as a nerve sheath tumor that affects the cranial nerves, which is obviously not cancer, but still requires surgery that seriously affects the quality of his life.
He initially sought financial compensation from the Italian workers\' compensation agency INAIL, which rejected his application saying there was no evidence that his illness was caused by his work.
But a court in Brescia later ruled that there was a causal relationship between the use of mobile and cordless phones and tumors.
Italy\'s Supreme Court rejected the INAIL appeal against the ruling on October 12, although the ruling was not reported until Friday.
It states that the decision of the lower courts is reasonable and that the scientific evidence supporting this claim is reliable.
Marcolini\'s situation is \"different from normal, non-
It says, \"professional use of mobile phones \".
Evidence based on a study conducted between 2005
2009 is provided by a team led by lenath Hadel, a cancer specialist at the University Hospital of olibro, Sweden.
The court said the study was independent, \"unlike some other studies,
Funded by the same company that produces mobile phones \".
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