kris jenner flashes cell phone case with crying kim ...

by:TenChen Tech     2020-01-07
People have been speculating that Kim Kardashian is Chris Jenner\'s favorite child.
Friday 60-year-
The old mother proved this because she flashed a gold crying emoji case when she went to the shooting session to keep up with the Kardashians, and the retail price was $28.
Corey Gambo\'s girlfriend tried to keep a low profile wearing a black hat and sunglasses, but her accessories gave her away.
Video okim began selling Kimoji case this spring.
She also likes Kimoji wrapping paper.
Bruce Jenner\'s ex-wife, Kaitlyn Jenner, 66, is wearing a head --to-
Her toes were black when she was recording.
The San Diego native is wearing not only a big black felt hat, but also a beige ribbon.
Black coat in length, roll up sleeves, black T-shaped skinny ripped jeansshirt.
The black Yeezy sneakers made by Kim\'s husband Kanye West are just another plug for Kim\'s family. The E!
The producer also brought a Chanel backpack.
It looks like the star has a big diamond pendant around his neck, probably from Gambo, who works for Justin Bieber.
When someone saw her crawling out of a black roll, the female parent had already driven to the meeting --
Royce of Van Nuys
Later, it was discovered that the female parent of the reality TV star was returning to her car with her fashion hat in her hand.
There is no doubt that the film is short-lived because Friday is also the fourth birthday of Penelope, Kourtney Kardashian\'s only daughter, and she will undoubtedly have a big Kardashian --
Fashion party with cake and KUWTK camera to celebrate.
Chris\'s first thing in the morning was to wish Penelope a happy birthday with Instagram note.
Happy Birthday to our little princess, my lovely angel girl Penelope! ! ! !
The doting parent said.
Chris continued: \"You have brought so much joy to our lives, and I love you more than words! !
She tagged her post \"Happy Birthday for cute girls\" and wrote: \"Happy Birthday to my little mermaid!
Seeing the magic in the world through your eyes makes me happy.
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