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kylie jenner’s 24k gold phone case has just hit the shelves… and you can get them in the uk for only £40

by:TenChen Tech     2020-03-07
Kardashian\'s youngest sister
Jenner family, Kylie is just one of the many celebrities who like the gorgeous records owned by casepub. .
They recently launched the 24 k gold iPhone case in three colors. .
Gigi Hadid, Lucy Hale, Shea Mitchell, and kurtney Kardashian are other fans of these cases.
They were all found to have boxes on their phones, and some even posted mirror selfies on their phones.
The beautiful metal case can be personalized for free and you can choose the font and color.
The case is not too expensive for the legitimate product Kylie and her family like, just £ 40.
Available shades include rose gold from mother Pearl, silver from mother Pearl and yellow from 24k gold.
They will definitely give you the charm of all the stars!
If you want to see the stars, you can get the style of loving islanders here. .
Look at these new Ugg slippers. .
Do you feel like a celebrity in these areas?
Here are some iPhone shortcuts to help you navigate around your device!
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