meet the $2 million iphone case

by:TenChen Tech     2020-03-10
You may never have a tough iPhone case like Mous Limited. This mind-
Blow accessories for military use-
Grade technology to provide protection for these tanks
Just like a mobile phone case, while keeping the slim shape, let you choose the iPhone first.
You can buy one today at a price of 41% lower than normal, which doesn\'t hurt.
By wrapping your phone with a scientific design called Airo Shock\'s \"smart material\", Mous limited case can prevent damage by eliminating the impact of water droplets.
We\'re not just talking about taking your phone off the table.
It has been tested to prevent a drop of up to 45 feet, so whether or not your iPhone will have a third drop
The story window, you have nothing to worry about (
Except for some angry pedestrians). Even face-
Drop is not a problem due to the upper lip of the case and the included screen protector.
All in all, Mous limited only increased the thickness by 2mm and 1.
Give your device a 5 oz weight while reducing a ton of pressure on your shoulder.
Mous Limited is compatible with iPhone 6/6 Plus, 6s and 7/7 Plus, allowing unlimited access to all of its ports and buttons
Therefore, you can use most chargers, docking stations, or other accessories without removing the housing.
It also includes a Mous-
Touch mount, you can attach it to almost any surface to create magnetic contact points that securely secure the device.
Make your Mous Unlimited
Slim iPhone case for $34.
99, 41% lower than the regular price of $59. 99.
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