mesuit smart iphone case with android, dual-sim support launched in india

by:TenChen Tech     2020-03-09
Yerha, a business startup.
Com has launched a new iPhone case in India.
One of the highlights of the IPhone is that it gives more batteries, extra storage space and extra SIM card slots with the Android operating system at the top.
Mescase was first launched in last July by the Chinese company Jijia, which provides the Android experience to the iPhone through an app that can be installed from the App Store.
The price of this box is rupee.
9,990, provided exclusively by Yerha. com.
Jijia case is currently only available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s users in India.
It brings doubleSIM (dual standby)
Features on IPhone
A feature Apple misses very much.
This chassis has a built-in 1700 battery, which can extend your battery life by 7 hours.
It also has 16gb of storage built in to store the media content on the box, not the iPhone, all of which can be controlled through the Mesuit app.
This case is actually
Use your own modem and SIM-
Card slot and run Mesuit OS 1 based on Android.
0 with Apus transmitter
It allows you to use the Android interface on your iPhone, and even access Google Play to download the Android app you missed on your iPhone, plus two Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram accounts.
Mesuit box measures 160. 5x 70x5.
5mm, with a rough texture on the back and a slight small bump on the bottom edge, further elongated the iPhone.
But the extra length adds more memory, battery life, extra SIM card slots, and can even use the Android app on the iPhone
So it\'s a fair choice.
The Mesuit chassis is connected to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s via Lightning ports and you have to download the Mesuit app to take advantage of all the above features.
You can buy a pair-
This is the case for SIM iPhone.
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