mobile phone ban: scotch oakburn has the policy

by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-28
Students at Oakbourne college in Scotland are not allowed to use mobile phones during class hours
The children are very happy.
The school introduced a whole.
This year, after extending the existing ban on eighth-grade students, mobile phones were banned in all grades.
While initially disliked the sound of the plan, grade 12 students, Lily fontin and Reuben McCormack, can now see the benefits of picking up the handle.
Miss Fontyn said: \"At first everyone was hesitant, but now that we have realized that the change is positive for us, it improves our relationship and we are more focused in class
Since 2020, all Victoria state schools have announced a ban on mobile phones during school days.
Although there is no plan to impose a ban in the Tasmania state, some schools have implemented their own individual bans, while the Ministry of Education is considering the proposal for an independent investigation in the new state.
Mr. McCormack said that since the ban was put in place, he has seen the campus become more and more noisy at lunch and rest times as people are taking the time to talk face to face-to-face --to-face.
\"There are more activities now, like sports and clubs, so there is more to do during that time,\" he said . \".
Miss Fontyn said the school and her family have been encouraging her to understand when to use the phone and when it is not appropriate.
Both students said they felt more focused during class hours and thought they had improved their academic performance due to not using their mobile phones.
Andy Miller, head of Oakbourne, Scotland, said the ban had been implemented after the school negotiated with the school community and collected independent data and research evidence.
\"We know through research that there is a direct link between the screen time of young people and their mental health level.
\"As a school, the health and well-being of our students is one of our priorities,\" he said . \".
Mr. Miller said the phone could distract students, so taking the phone away is a logical way to eliminate this distraction temptation.
Since the ban, he says, students have been able to understand why and see the benefits for themselves.
The ban prohibits the use of mobile phones in person during class hours and is monitored by teachers.
However, devices such as laptops and iPads are still used in class to help with learning.
Miller said that the parent community fully supports the idea and can also benefit from it.
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