mobile phone cancer warning as malignant brain tumours double

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-01
The role of mobile phones in brain cancer has raised new concerns as new evidence shows that the incidence of malignant tumors has doubled in the past 20 years.
Charities and scientists have called on the government to pay attention to long-standing warnings about radiation dangers, as a new analysis shows that cancer trends are more \"shocking\" than previously thought \".
However, the new study, published in the Journal of Public Health and the environment, has sparked controversy among scientists, and some experts say the disease may be caused by other factors.
The research team began to study a form called multiform glides (GBM).
They analyzed 79,241 cases of malignant brain tumors in 21 years and found that the number of GBM cases in the UK has increased from 1,250 in 1995 to less than 3,000.
This study is the first recent detailed analysis of the incidence of different types of malignant tumors.
Scientists at the doctor\'s radiation and environmental health initiative (PHIRE)
Speaking of the increase in GBM so far has been overshadowed by the overall decline in the incidence of other types of brain tumors.
Last night, the organization said that the growth rate of tumors in the anterior lobe of the brain \"makes people suspect that the use of mobile phones and cordless phones may promote the development of Neuroma \".
Professor Dennis Henshaw said: \"Our findings suggest that more careful research is needed on these cancer trends and an attempt to explain the mechanisms behind them, rather than brushing causal factors under the carpet, focus only on treatment.
In 2015, the European Commission\'s newly discovered and newly discovered Scientific Committee on Health Risks concluded that in general, the epidemiology study of radio frequency radiation exposure on mobile phones did not show an increased risk of brain tumors or other cancers of the head and neck.
Although a study published the previous year showed
Although this contradicts other similar investigations, the use of mobile phones and cordless phones has doubled the risk of brain cancer.
According to the British cancer research company, mobile phones are \"unlikely\" to increase the risk of brain tumors, but \"we don\'t know enough to completely eliminate the risk \".
However, the organization warns that since mobile phones are a relatively new invention, it may take more years before the data is enough to make a more robust conclusion.
In response to the new resaerch, public university professor of applied statistics, Honorary Professor Kevin McConway said that the importance of this trend may not be as obvious as the research team claims.
But he added: \"The study does point to some issues that deserve further research.
\"Other studies in other parts of the world have found similar growth.
\"It is important to understand, however, that this new paper does not look at any new data at all on the underlying causes of growth.
\"The new study lists causal factors that may explain the GMB trend in addition to the use of the phone, including from X-
Radiation from radiation, CT scans and atomic bomb tests performed in the atmosphere.
Cliff ogelman, president of cancer Children\'s UK, said: \"This Journal of Public Health and environmental research is published independently and has not been funded by Cancer children in the UK, however, any increase in the number of children diagnosed with cancer is of deep concern-especially for brain tumors with very poor prognosis.
\"In the UK, there are more children killed by brain tumors than any other cancer.
We have to fund more research to provide more friendly and safer treatment for young patients and understand why the incidence is increasing.
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