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by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-07
Joe O\'Reilly was accused of murdering his wife, and his trial heard evidence that his cell phone was in an area near his home on the morning of his wife\'s murder.
Mr. O\'Reilly pleaded not guilty to the murder of his wife Rachel at the home of Naul Baldarragh Lambay View in Dublin on October 4, 2004.
The trial also heard evidence that he had left a voicemail on her mobile phone a full month after Rachel was murdered.
As part of an investigation into the murder of Rachel O\'Reilly, Garda consulted the mobile provider and collected a great deal of evidence about the defendant\'s mobile phone in this case.
Oliver Farrell, an employee of Vilicom, a company that works with mobile phone company 02, provided evidence of correspondence with Joe O\'Reilly\'s work cell phone.
On the morning of October 4, 2004, mobile phones could be placed in the Naul area, he said.
It communicates with a mast at Murphy\'s quarry, not far from the O\'Reilly House, 9 years old. 25am and 9.
There is a problem in the morning.
Joe O\'Reilly told garda I that he was at the phibsbboro bus stop while the expert now put his phone in north Dublin.
Today, Garda Sgt Aaron Gormley gave evidence that he told the court that on November 4, 2004, a month after Rachel O\'Reilly\'s death, she left a recording on her phone, with the voice of Joe O\'Reilly.
In the message, he said: \"Hi Rach, I am very sorry for the early recording of the phone, this time a month ago, you may be doing the same as I am doing now, prepare the children for school.
He went on to say that you are cold now, it is a normal sunny day, but you only have two hours.
Earlier, the trial heard that the couple had slept in a different bed the night before the murder.
On the evening of October 4, gardi spoke to Joe O\'Reilly at his mother\'s home in Co Louth Dunleer.
Detective Officer Pat Marie told the court that three officers arrived at O\'Reilly\'s house around seven o\'clock P. M. in the evening.
He said Joe O\'Reilly told him to get up around 5.
At twenty o\'clock A. M. on the day of the murder, he slept in a separate room in Rachel because he got up early.
At the O\'Reilly House meeting, Joe O\'Reilly named some of the people he thought might be responsible for the murder.
He told Gady that he was not in love with Rui Qiu, but he admitted that some marital problems had been solved in the past.
A few minutes later, however, he admitted that he had an affair with a woman named Nikki Bailey.
He said it was over but admitted to contacting her at twelve o\'clock P. M. that day.
When asked about his cell phone number, he gave a number that garda later found out was actually Rachel\'s, not his own.
In October 4, he also told Gaudi about his movements.
Marry Sgt Marry declined counsel\'s suggestion that Joe O\'Reilly did not make a statement saying that the relationship between Rachel and her biological mother was not very hot.
The trial continued before Judge Barry White.
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