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Did you know the most popular lanyard phone case? TenChen----as a experienced manufacturer of phone case, we made many OEM/ODM customized phone case with ropes, Which is the best gift to send to your family and friends.


As we know, lanyard phone case became more and more popular all around the world, especially in Europe. We have produced customized lanyard phone case for hundreds of customers who came from Germany. In Germany, no matter in the street or in the party ,you will see that everyone hanged on our lanyard phone case.Hanging on lanyard phone case let your hands free. Convenient and beautiful,the lanyard phone case becomes a symbol of the fashion.


    TenChen can not only customize the logo for the phone case, but also customize the lanyard. We already designed many kinds of ropes for the phone case, for example cotton straps, PPM straps and gradient color straps etc. If you have any more designs or ideas for the lanyard phone case, please contact us freely. We highly welcome OEM/ODM products. Let's enjoy the fashion journey.

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