smartphone cases - built to survive drops, floods - and lawsuits?

by:TenChen Tech     2019-12-11
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
The smartphone patent war has ignited courts around the world.
Next: The Case war on smart phones.
Protective case manufacturer that protects the phone from coffee spills and stickiness
Finger toddlers are involved in numerous lawsuits seeking to protect their designs.
As the market for mobile accessories becomes more upscale, some boxes made by luxury designers are more expensive than the phones they cover.
Some cases have been advertised as almost destroyed.
Proof used to protect precious electronics from crushing blows or waves.
Smartphones themselves are at the heart of the global patent war, with Apple competing with South Korean giant Samsung Electronics in the design of iPhones and iPads.
But similar arguments are now escalating as the smartphone market has become an industry of $1 billion a year, according to market research firm NPD Group.
In the most recent quarter, Apple and Samsung shipped more than 100 million mobile phones, which increased market demand.
The loss claims for the design War are small compared to the smartphone war, but these lawsuits may help trigger a turmoil in the crowded market.
The biggest industry participants sell their products in retailers such as Apple and AT&T retail stores and Best Buy.
They have successfully obtained a court verdict against Chinese counterfeiters and domestic sellers knocking at the door
But litigation involving one designer against another is not that easy to resolve.
Otter Products Inc. , the manufacturer of the OtterBox case, has become a frequent visitor to the court. The Colorado-
The US-based company has filed a lawsuit in a federal court in its home state accusing it of infringing patents in cases of waterproof iphone, ipod and other devices.
The charges were denied by Mophie and life-saving certificates in court documents.
Otterbox and Mophie did not respond to requests for comment.
Lifeguards declined to comment on pending litigation.
However, company spokesman Jonathan Weigner said the lifeguard has made plans to protect its intellectual property.
The Florida-based ballistic case company is also a repeat plaintiff.
The company has sued rival Cell-
Nerds LLC and Boxwave Corp are suspected of copying the look of their sturdy \"Shell Gel\" series housing with dotted lines on the back of the housing in a variety of colors.
Ballistic lawyer Alan Weisberg said the designer has invested a lot of resources in the style of the case and deserves legal protection.
According to court documents, the company has sold Shell Gel cases worth more than $12 million, available to major retailers. Both Cell-
Nerds and Boxwave are small businesses that sell cases online.
The price of the shell gel model is about $35, while similar batteries
The price of Nerds and Boxwave is less than $10.
Earlier this month, a federal judge in Miami allowed Ballistic-
Although the Boxwave case is at an early stage in the same court, it still needs to move forward.
Ballistic claims it has-
The design of its shell is called \"trade clothing rights\" and wants similar competitor products out of the market.
Lawyer in the cell
Nerdy Yuri Fisher said the company did not believe that Ballistic accurately described its trade dress rights, noting that these cases were difficult to prove because the plaintiffs had to prove that their products were easily identified by consumers.
A lawyer at Boxwave did not respond to requests for comment. For patent-
Based on the success of the proceedings, the plaintiffs need to prove that another company has violated their patents, and may also need to prove what innovations they have in their designs are worth protecting.
Christopher Carani, an intellectual property lawyer at law firm Held & Malloy, said that some companies may be forced out of the market if they are found to be infringing.
So far, however,
The fight between case designers did not show signs of a slowdown in the travel industry.
They say Casemakers have introduced models that can withstand two tons of force or can be used to shoot movies underwater.
Recently at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
New case designs seem to be everywhere
One manufacturer even showed a box lined with soft orange putty and its design would be \"hard\" if the phone dropped \".
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