sudbury family calls on lifeproof to stand behind claim that cell phone cases are waterproof

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-23
A Sudbury mother wants a company to stop advertising the phone\'s case as waterproof after her son\'s device has been damaged.
\"They should be responsible for what they protect, and that\'s the phone,\" Lisa Allen said . \".
\"Otherwise, they shouldn\'t advertise it as waterproof. \"Allen\'s 17-year-
Old son Spencer recently purchased a life-saving iPhone case for $80 to protect it from bumps, scratches and water damage.
But his phone stopped working because he said he accidentally forgot to be in his pocket while he was in the water.
Life-Saving spokesman Jordan Water told the CBC News that he regretted Allen\'s incident.
But he said his company did not compensate for the cost of their equipment.
\"When we test all of our product designs and verify our results through certified third parties --
\"In addition to water testing before each individual case leaves our facility, there are a few factors that are out of our control and make the equipment out of warranty,\" Vater wrote . \".
\"Factors such as proper installation, properly sealed port covers, and the current state of the device and housing all play a role in protecting the safety of the phone when it drops or is exposed to water.
\"100 waterproof protection?
A staff writer for mobile technology independent resources Mobile Syrup in Canada, the above-mentioned consumers need to realize that there will always be risks when you put your phone in an environment where technology usually cannot survive.
\"In fact, there is no situation that can be 100 guaranteed that your device will not be damaged,\" said tecicavomiero . \".
\"So you really have to look at what you\'re doing and make sure you\'re not doing anything that\'s too laborious to make the phone never survive in any way.
\"Voimero said that it is a common misconception that mobile phone case companies provide compensation for equipment damage.
\"Overall, they are only responsible for the cost of the case,\" she said . \".
\"If I had a flat tire on 401, the Transportation Department wouldn\'t change my car, would it?
\"After the CBC News contacted the company, the life certificate company provided Allens with a refund of $80.
But Spencer\'s mom wants to completely remove the waterproof label from the box.
\"I ask you to support your product,\" she said . \".
\"Mobile phones are rubbish now.
\"After Alan\'s phone provider Koodogave his credit, he was able to get a new iphone through the Apple warranty.
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