supercharge your iphone: seven more of the best iphone cases

by:TenChen Tech     2020-03-03
Previously on Forbes, I looked at the case for seven iPhone 6.
This is just before Christmas, in fact, the case of Apple\'s first launch after the launch of the latest iphone in September.
Case makers who wish to act in advance venture on the design and style of new products, so the choice is limited to protection and simplicity only.
Since then, case designers have mastered the design of the iPhone 6 and have been able to participate in Apple\'s program for the iPhone.
Now, with the iPhone 6 on its six-month anniversary, the app is expanding.
The level of creativity and practicality has improved, and the cases I have seen in this article provide protection to some extent, but the focus is on additional features.
Whether it\'s providing power, providing extreme protection, wanting to be more stylish, or simply following the modern
With the continuous development of the iPhone mobile phone market, the iPhone mobile phone market is also growing in a diversified direction.
The Mophie juice of the Mophie brand is well packaged-
It is well known in the smartphone space, so it combines protective covers with external batteries to charge the iPhone has been eagerly anticipated.
I have looked at this case carefully in Forbes, but the simple value proposition is like this. . .
Add a little weight and volume to your iPhone, and thanks to the 3300 mAh battery built in the case, you will be able to more than double your battery life on your iPhone 6.
Just flip the switch on the back to top up the iPhone.
Charging via micro usb (
Also allows you to charge your iPhone with a micro usb cable that doubles as a sync cable)
The Mophie Juice Pack Plus casemight is big, but it\'s a practical solution if you travel a lot or don\'t have a chance to charge a well-used iPhone at all.
The IPhone 6 Plus also offers a 2600-hour battery to charge Apple\'s tablet.
Available directly from Mophie. com.
Not everyone takes the time to travel, but power is still a concern for some iPhone users.
This is very useful for zensqicharing casebecomes.
The IPhone 6 clips a lighting cable connector into the housing.
This is consistent with the iPhone 6 and is key to the case.
The Qiwireless charging receiver is embedded behind the chassis.
Just pop up your iPhone 6 on any handy Qi wireless charging box and your battery will start charging.
I have talked about the use of wireless charging in detail before (
And how to install your Qi pad on your iPhone)
So this case is important to me.
It does run a micro usb port at the bottom of the chassis, but only if you want to charge your iPhone over a wired connection --
Unlike in the case of Mophie, you can\'t sync through this port, which is unfortunate, I hope Zens will fix this in the next iteration, because I don\'t want to keep turning on my smartphone in this situation.
But I can accept it.
I know that if I pick up the iPhone from my desk and know that I have the greatest charging power without taking the time to uninstall the phone in the software and remove the physical cable, it\'s a great experience.
Available directly from the zens website.
Next article: Portland waterproof, antibacterial paint, manual bumper.
Waterproof shell of catalyst (
Rescue ranger style)
The Catalyst case is probably the most terrible case I \'ve ever seen.
It proudly shows on the packaging that the housing is waterproof to 5 m, able to drop 2 m and has an IP6x rating on dirt and snow.
It also allows the iPhone to continue to use, and the plastic front of the case will allow TouchID to be used to identify itself.
It also has more than one
The step process to be carried out when you receive the case to ensure that the integrity of the underwater case is not weakened during transportation.
In a sense, this is good, because it means that this situation is \"beneficial\" to users before the smartphone is at risk \".
The rubber volume and power buttons pass your touch to the hardware button, which is controlled by a twisted dial.
Touching the plastic on the iPhone screen does feel weird, there will be a small amount of movement when you press the plastic.
But both touch and swipe gestures work and the Touch id is still safe and in order to reach the Lightning port and headphone cable you need to remove a large rubber flap at the bottom
Remember to lock this up before you go swimming.
Waterproof is still one of the biggest areas for manufacturing commercial smartphones
Before Apple follows Sony\'s leadership, anyone looking for a case that can provide significant protection against these elements should look at Catalyst\'s solution.
Can be directly from the catalyst.
Kraken. M. S.
Apple\'s iPhone 6 shell maker, Trident, has been working on an antibacterial shell that helps keep the product \"cleaner, greener, fresher\" while preventing growth of up to 99.
Mold, mold and door 99%
Causing bacteria
\"Considering how much gunk the phone can pick up in the day before being brought to your skin, this is a useful area of protection to explore.
Trident combines this technology with the impact, vibration and dust protection provided by the Kraken chassis.
This is another catch-all.
A built-in box
In the screen cover, it is clipped to the front of the iphone, which can be fixed in the shell or provide some protection to the glass screen.
The cut-outs of TouchID and the talk are not completely waterproof, but add important protection against splashes and rain.
I really like this case.
The first one is a pop behind the box-
Metal stand so you can comfortably support the iPhone to watch the video.
The second one is that it has a belt.
Clip and holster arrangement.
The holster can rotate around the belt clip to get a vertical or horizontal direction, press the release Trigger quickly, and you can slide the iphone out of the holster while keeping it in the main Kraken case.
If you need easy access to the iPhone in a harsh environment, this is a smart combination.
Can be directly from the Trident.
Grovemade walnut iPhone BumperFor dayto-
I especially like the bumper of the iphone 6 in daily use.
It allows the thin design of the iPhone to glow and heat, but it significantly improves my grip on the side of the smartphone.
It also has the benefit of keeping the camera lens or screen away from the plane.
Unless you are very unfortunate, any drop or wall will be absorbed first by a part of the bumper housing.
Grovemade\'s latest bumper case is more than $1.
There are 99 bumpers on EBay.
Made entirely of solid wood and precision wood from the United States
In the Portland workshop.
I\'m looking at the walnut iPhone case (
Maple is also available).
In this case, there is a small amount of flex that allows you to install your iPhone into a comfortable profile (
There is a recommended way to do this, shown in the accompanyinginformation postcard).
After the IPhone went public, it felt very safe.
The volume and power buttons are separate wood with felt support to keep them in place on the iPhone 6 main buttons, while the mute switch and headphone socket also have recessed cuts, Lightning port.
The futuristic style of Apple\'s smartphone blends happily, wrapped in the feel of aretro 70 swooden.
Obviously you also have an iPhone, and while the power of the wood is not strong, the look itself is stylish, minimalist and charming.
Available directly from Grovemade.
Next article: Italian leather wallet, box printed by yourself, some final ideas.
Each case makes every element of the iPhone 6 easy to reach, some of them for style and subtlety.
Danny P wallet leather case came in from here.
At first glance, this hand-made wallet is an ordinary wallet with space for paper money at the back and credit and debit cards at the front.
The IPhone slides into space that is usually reserved for coins.
Since this is a wallet, consider including contactless Apple Pay.
When you put the iPhone in your wallet, the TouchID sensor is still exposed and the leather won\'t stop the signal of the NFC chip in the iPhone.
This means that you can hold your wallet with your fingers and fingers (
On the TouchID sensor)
Then tap the wallet to the point of sale terminal.
Apple Pay is responsible for the transaction, and you can Pay only by touching the wallet terminal.
For a low-key but luxurious wallet, this is an interesting touch, the function of the wallet (
Coins, cards and payments)
The IPhone adds elegant design without breaking the design lines.
Get it directly from Danny P\'s website.
Just reviewed the simple iPhone case for 3D printing after XYZ Da Vinci 3D printer (
Read on Forbes)
I decided to modernize.
See what it can do for my iphone.
My starting point is Purita\'s \"simple iPhone 6 case \".
Each corner of the IPhone 6 has a flat back and some basic clips.
This is the design I see in many places.
While it does show some issues with 3d printing --
You can see how these layers are built and it\'s not a particularly smooth surface
This simple box makes it easier for the iPhone 6 to grab my hand, and if a corner does affect the floor, there will be wear marks on the plastic box instead of the iPhone 6.
It\'s not perfect, but as an example of what you can do at home, it\'s easy to match the basic \"clip and go\" cases you can find online. With the .
The Stl file can be obtained through the creative commons license, which is also the starting point for adding your own design and brand to the case.
Purita\'s iPhone case is 3D.
Thingiverse on Stl file.
Finally, just OS unleashed the creativity of software developers around the world to be able to add features to the iPhone through after-sales service
The sales case market has created a market where delicious food can be easily provided.
Part of the reason is the number of iPhone models --
As a platform, Android may sell more than the iPhone, but few phones have enough sales to justify the tools needed in the case market.
In my life, sometimes I can see myself using every case above.
I suspect that the wireless charging case will be my \"go\" case because the time I have wireless charging on Windows Phone makes it a \"must have\" feature.
At the same time, I was on an extensive tour until the parade was over, so the Mophie case was more useful than when I was stuck in Edinburgh.
In any case, the case provides flexibility and functionality when needed.
The beauty of the case market is that if you need a feature that is not part of the iPhone hardware, there will be a case that will help you. (
Read more about protecting the iPhone screen using the \"invisible shield glass\" Protector).
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