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Transparent biodegradable PLA phone case


Biodegradable PLA phone case is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Mainly its uniqueness - biodegradable and Eco-friendly, catering to environmental themes and concepts,which is made of wheat straw and recyclable TPU materials.


TenChen, as one of the few manufacturers of biodegradable PLA phone case in China, is committed to produce biodegradable mobile phone cases using environmentally friendly materials for many years. Recently, a new transparent biodegradable phone case has been introduced by TenChen,This transparent biodegradable PLA phone case is not only chic, but also very soft to the touch. It also gives consumers different experiences while protecting mobile phones.What most important is that the PLA biodegradable phone case is harmless for us,which brings the smell of the wheat straw fiber.This is the most original taste of nature.It can be biodegraded quickly after being buried in the soil. There will not be any pollution to the environment.


If you have any designs and ideas about the PLA biodegradable phone case, we can help you with opening tooling mold. TenChen will highly welcome OEM Products. Including engrave your pattern or logo. As long as you can think of it, TenChen can do any customize designs for you!


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