wauchope high school locks pupils\' mobile phones in pouches as a part of a digital detox program

by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-28
Wauchope High School has come up with a solution to the problem of students constantly looking at mobile phones.
They launched a pouch that can quickly turn off their phones.
Only when students leave the building can they be opened by a special gadget at the end of the school day.
The Ministry of Education said research has shown that students\' free screen time on their mobile phones reduces their attention, their ability to retain information, and their overall academic performance.
Inappropriate use can also expose students to social, emotional and even physical risks.
Therefore, after a national review of students\' mobile phone usage, Wauchope High School plans to try out lockable mobile phone bags this semester.
Principal Glen Sawle said the bags have a lock, just like the one used by clothing retailers as a security label.
\"These bags were provided by Yondr for the trial and we asked all the students to attend,\" Mr Sawle said . \".
\"These bags will be the property of the school, but will be kept by the students, who will put their phones in their bags and lock them at the opening ceremony.
They will keep the phone during the day and then unlock it at the end of the day.
\"We will keep a close eye on what impact it has and we hope to significantly reduce the amount of distractions that students have during the day and add some face-to-face --to-
Face social interaction at rest.
\"We believe this is a huge benefit to the student\'s school work and social welfare.
\"Jayme Reid, the school\'s head teacher in charge of science, is in charge of the program, and he says the school community has given overwhelming support.
\"We have had a parent information meeting, passed P & C, and posted written information,\" MS Reid said . \".
\"The support of the community is really gratifying --
I think everyone is very aware of the many problems and benefits that smartphones bring --
We want to minimize the problem and maximize the benefits.
\"There is no problem with the \'class.
We will still use the phones when class time is right as they may be a great tool.
\"Each teacher will be responsible for a device to lock and unlock the bag, so it can be unlocked immediately if there is an emergency that requires the use of the phone.
Mr Sawle stressed that the introduction of the term was only an attempt.
\"While the system seems to work in many American schools and accept it at rock concerts, we need to make sure it\'s doing what we want to do before
He said: \"The term of office commitment.
\"We expect to take months to get reliable information on how it works, but with the strong support of parents --
There are strategies to help at home-
We are very optimistic about our students and staff.
\"We know that for some students and adults, their phones have become addictive.
If you are already addicted to your device, then you experience stress and anxiety when you try to fight this addiction.
The same is true of mobile phones for some students.
\"Any change in behavior is stressful.
So while we know that many students will have some level of anxiety, we will try to support them in the initial stages of change, and hope that new behavior will soon become not only the norm, but also enjoy and reap, he added.
Mr. Sawle said that this would benefit every student in each classroom.
\"Teachers will be able to participate more fully in teaching activities, rather than constantly asking students to put their hands away, take out earplugs and listen to the instructions given.
\"We want to get a lot of teaching time that is currently being bothered by the distractions caused by these students not using their phones properly,\" he said . \".
The principal said that students are more engaged and productive in their studies, and teachers are not so distracted.
He also said that the level of social and productive dialogue throughout the school has generally improved during recess and lunch time.
\"Feedback from students is mixed.
Some of them may have to do with their sense of retreat or loss, rather than the longer benefits shown by research and case studies.
\"In general, the response from parents is very positive,\" he added . \".
Annette codel, president of P & G, said they thought it was great.
\"Feedback from parents and students is mostly positive, and students are even commenting on how much work they have done in class,\" she said . \".
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