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by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-26
First of all, many strange phone cases are derived from Japan, such as this very realistic iPhone case.
You can see that the portions of eel, rice, or sauce are very realistic and fully demonstrate the advantages of detail that the Japanese have always emphasized.
When you call on the phone, others think you will eat eel rice with your ears.
If eel rice is acceptable, then case for Super Prehistoric beetle
The huge, Prehistoric beetle case looks a bit disgusting.
Yes, it\'s also from Japan, it looks like alien larvae, and the tentacles inside the phone shell can hold the iPhone firmly, but you\'re basically on the phone with a monster in your arms and it looks very scary
Lobster phone case is lobster.
Yes, you can fix the phone on the lobster, however, it is designed to meet people\'s aesthetic standards, at least you can answer the phone normally.
The Bible mobile phone is set up, and the animal theme is temporarily over. The following entry is the materialized theme.
If you are a devout Christian, maybe you will want to try this iPhone Holster disguised as a Bible. After all, it seems to be devout when you go to church.
Do you like classic retro Leica camera case?
The Rangefinder camera case will satisfy your retro feeling.
Basically, you will not find any defects other than the iPhone lens and flashlight in the lower left corner;
The camera lens part is actually from
The Portrait mirror is very useful.
If you want to strengthen the cobblestone mobile phone case, or let the thief not think about how to give your iPhone, you can consider this cobblestone shell.
It uses real matte surface material, but the actual material is rubber, so it can\'t really be used for self-defense.
The calculator case is also a highly disguised case, which can turn the back of the iPhone into a scientific calculator. Basically, there will be no thieves eyeing you.
While there is some gap between the volume of the iPhone and the real mechanical disk, if you don\'t look closely, it\'s hard to distinguish, and then almost no one will pay attention to the \"mechanical hard disk \".
\"Take it with your hand.
The last one, known as the camouflage effect, is very retro and should make many users over the age of 30 feel warm.
Basically, the iPhone with a mobile phone case will be the most popular phone in 1990, which will not only be domineering, but also enhance the protection of the iPhone.
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