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This article is not for professionals! 

  Shortly,It'a new kind magnetic phone case & accessory designed by apple.

  Since iPhone models support wireless charging,wireless chargers are more and more applied in different circumstances.

it changes our habit and brings us convience but it's not perfect!

  Customer found it's inconvient to put phone to the right position of charging pad,customers need to move their phone and locate the coil,

apple noticed that and added magnet in iPhone 12 series,so that the magnet can help us to locate.

  It's not a new concept,apple watch already have this kind of charger!with this funcion,it's comfortable to play mobile games when it's charging.

and our magsafe case is similar to official's.we use qualified material to make this case and tested in lab.it's not a hard project for us.

  In total,our magsafe case 100% compatible with iPhone and the phone case is antiscratch,shockproof as well!

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