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What’s funny in Tenchen?


In Tenchen, everybody is hard working to make sure better service for customers. Besides, we will have team activities every month.


Bellow we would like to share some happiness with you:


Do you like mountain climbing? In Ten Chen we would like to challenge new height!


In summer, outside is very hot, few people would like to go outside under the violent sun, you can cook an egg on the stone, ha ha, however, one sales girl stand up and said, hey guys, lets climb the NANSHAN mountain this weekend!  “ Are you crazy? So hot this weather!” “ But you never know until you really try!” After heat discussion, we decide to climb the mountain at 3pm in the afternoon, hottest time in the afternoon.


We are excited to start at the mountain feet, ready? Go


We are tired when climbing to the halfway up the mountain, Sweating like raining! But we did not give up, we keep going to the top just like rolling in the deep.

Finally, we are the winner of ourselves, we climbed up the top of the mountain, wow, at this moment, when you saw all the buildings bellow your feet, the far seaside, the cars shuttling on the highway, how broad-minded! And when the wind blowed over, touching your skin, that kind of feeling, you will never forget. I am sure, after you experience the hottest weather at the beginning of summer, you will feel cool in everyday in the left days in it.

Thanks for the strong will of ourselves, we were on mountain top, let’s sing a song! And thanks for the necklace phone case which we are selling, making us feeling more easy with hands free when climbing. Necklace phone case, you deserve to have!


Share one more picture when going down the mountain, isnt it beautiful too?

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