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by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-25
There\'s something lurking behind all your favorite Instagrams.
You may not notice it, peeking between a glass of foam latte and a hard-skinned croissant.
You may not be able to see it and sit gracefully under that brunch dish.
You may not even be able to detect it in the photo, with the destination in the photo to pose the perfect nail and ring game.
Photos released by Lyndy Barrett (@stylecalling)
At 10: 05 a. m. on December 20, 2015 by Danielle Martin (@ Chapter25photo)
7: 46 a. m. on December 22, 2015, but it was there.
Photos released by Jessi (@jessmetni)
At 9: 14 a. m. on December 22, 2015, there.
The theme of this year is white marble.
It appears on our nails, on our jewelry, on our iPhone case, on our notebooks, and even in court --shirts.
But in fact, our table has its stars --
As a background for our best Instagram photos.
What is the white marble?
Does it have special light?
Ability to reflect?
How is it, like, everywhere?
Not every table in every popular brunch place in the world has white stuff.
Not all kitchen counters across the country are covered in white and gray tones.
But we found out: you can fake a white marble table with invisible paper. Yes, paper.
Get some inspiration from the blog circle, you can use white marble --
Beautify your living space with stickiness
Home Depot, Amazon and even Wal-Mart have double-sided contact paper.
Source: Amazon/office GothThe newspaper we tracked is about $11 on Amazon, which is much less than buying a coffee table of $349 from CB2.
Of course, we bought a roll because we have to know: does the white marble background really make Instagram photos better?
We decided to test on some classic Instagram clichés, including tablescape above our heads. . .
Source: MicThe everhipsters favorite plant, the classic arrangement of the fleshy plant. . . Source:Mic. . . and the all-too-Pictures of ordinary shoes
You know, when you\'re from Nike or Adidas (or Asos)
And all of them don\'t-yet-scuffed glory.
Source: MicWe is reluctant to acknowledge this, but almost every classic \"scene\" looks better with white marble on the background.
But does white marble really have that power?
These photos are on Instagram. ready already —
Hell, the fleshy plants are marked in more than 1 million photos on Insta.
What about items that are not so easy to snap up?
What is it? . . real?
Otherwise, this will never be considered an acceptable Instagram feed?
Like our messy table.
Source: MicOr is our bedside table when we are really sick. Source:Mic(
It\'s a little annoying, isn\'t it? )
OK, but what about the lunch we had when we felt sick or very happy: McDonald\'s.
Source: the trick behind MicThe social media falsehood: We are painfully speaking, but it is true: everything looks in front of white marble from beautifying green plants to outrageous desk clutter
In fact, the Big Mac on white marble doesn\'t look bad.
None of those fries.
We may just be hungry though. .
This is a useful technique.
This clearly reminds us that the cuteness of Instagram is based on skill.
As anyone who has used filters knows, what we \"see\" in those square photos is often more fascinating than in real life.
Even on Instagram.
Celebrity has begun to own people like beauty blog Huda Kattan, who has recently fully admitted to over-editing photos to get the perfect one, or Stina Sanders, who has lost the filter, pose in favor of getting \"real.
\"Getting a gorgeous Insta photo is not to live a gorgeous life, but to use gorgeous-
Develop strategies
For example, make a fake marble background for less than $12.
Want to make your salad look new?
Want to make a bunch of notes on your desk look more funky?
You know what to do now.
Or, you know, you can stop trying to get the perfect Instagram photo completely.
It\'s a bit fake anyway.
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