woman suffers horrific chemical burn \'as big as her hand\' from a glittery iphone case after it broke and leaked chemicals through her pocket onto her backside

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-25
A young woman suffered a terrible burn from a sparkling iPhone shell that broke and leaked the chemicals in her pocket.
Irene Nelson, who lives in Otago, New Zealand, bought this shiny pink protective case last week from a Forever New Store in Dunedin.
Nelson MS described her painful experience in detail in a post on Facebook, saying that her secondary burn (her)bum\'.
\"Last week, I took an iPhone 5 case from you guys, and the one with the flash was moving around on Saturday night with a small crack in it that I didn\'t realize, comments posted on the page of Forever New were read.
The next day I woke up and found a bad phone and secondary chemical burn on my ass.
\"On your package, it doesn\'t mention that there is chemicals in the box.
So I was hoping someone could get in touch with me and let me know what chemicals burned me out.
The $20 case definitely cost me a lot of money and I\'m not happy with that.
The burn left large red marks and blisters, which made it easy for Nelson MS to get infected. New Zealand reported that she had to apply some dressing every day and be careful when sitting down to reduce the risk of further injury.
Her complaints on Facebook went viral, with nearly 2500 people \"liking\" Facebook and 3500 commenting on them.
\"Forever New\" quickly replied to the article, and a spokesperson wrote: \"Hi Irene, thank you for contacting us in this unfortunate situation, we are very sorry for the pain and inconvenience.
\"While we look into this further, we will remove this style of iPhone case from Forever New stores and online stores.
For any related customers who purchase this style iPhone case from Forever New, please return the item to any Forever New store and we will happily provide a full refund.
Some other customers have had similar experiences with the unreliable iPhone 5, and some say their phone is broken.
\"The same thing happened to me, obviously nothing in it, but it smells like gasoline,\" one wrote . \".
\"Omg, this is what I have come across! ! !
I wonder why it smells like a radish when it\'s cracked! ! ! !
Luckily throw it away right away! \' another said.
The Australian version of the Daily Mail contacted New for comment.
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