brit dad, 60, sues nokia for £1million claiming ‘heavy use’ of his mobile phone caused a brain tumour in landmark case

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-03
A British father sued Nokia, the mobile phone giant, for 1 million pounds after claiming that the phone caused a brain tumor.
Former salesman Neil Whitfield developed an acoustic nerve tumor between his ears and his brain, making him deaf in one ear. The 60-year-
The old man from Greater Manchester Wigan was the first British to sue a mobile company for medical reasons, a landmark case that could cost the industry millions of dollars.
Neil, a six-year-old father, was certified deaf to one ear after undergoing surgery in 2001 to remove a golf-sized tumor.
There was also a problem with his balance.
It is said that Neil suffered from a nerve tumor after using his mobile phone for a long time while driving to do sales work.
In an interview with The Sunday Mirror, he said: \"There is no doubt that my tumor is caused by a mobile phone.
\"It took me nearly five years to stick to my phone before I was diagnosed.
I can feel the heat from it.
\"I know it\'s going to be a real battle for David and Gloria.
It may take a while for it to be resolved, but I will not give up.
\"It\'s for the future of my children and children around the world.
\"Neil\'s case has been in manufacturing and mobile phone companies for six years and is now concerned that it will trigger hundreds of similar cases.
His statement was made in a series of reports that said the use of mobile phones was behind the surge in certain cancer cases.
Neil claims that the tumor forced him to quit his sales job, which means he cut his salary by £ 20,000 in his new job as a university lecturer.
Katrina Pope, a London firm law lawyer, wants to make a \"strong demand\" by the end of 2018 \".
Nokia, the most popular phone of the 1990 s, sold millions of phones in the UK throughout the decade.
According to recent data, a brain tumor called glioblastoma
Found in the forehead and lateral areas of the brain-in Britain, it rose from 983 in 1995 to 2,531 to 2015.
The debate over the link between excessive use of mobile phones and tumor development has been going on for more than 20 years.
Colin Pernell, a career and environmental consultant, claims that older phones are at greater risk because 1990 generation phones have fewer masts, resulting in a greater level of radiation from mobile devices to receive signals.
In a statement to The Sunday Mirror, Nokia said security \"has always been a key consideration \".
A spokesperson added: \"All products are in line with the international contact guidelines and restrictions established by the public health authorities.
\"The WHO fact sheet says a lot of research has been done over the past 20 years to assess whether mobile phones pose a potential health risk.
So far, there has been no adverse health impact on the use of mobile phones.
According to Cancer Research UK, scientific evidence suggests that cell phones are unlikely to increase the risk of brain tumors or any other type of cancer.
However, the charity says we don\'t know enough about completely eliminating risks.
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