drake\\\'s reported $400g custom iphone case concerns fans ...

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-13
Drake, like other iPhone users, wants to prevent the screen from breaking with a special cover
Other than maybe no other smartphone user has such a complicated case. The 32-year-
Old rapperspecial reportedly ordered a diamond worth $400,000
Jason\'s rusty box from Beverly Hills
Jewelry designer.
The designer released a preview of the shiny blue diamond-
IPhone case covered in whitegold OVO owl (Drake\'s label)in the center.
\"Because we can\'t do it!
Our friend @ champagnepapi\'s diamond iPhone case? ? ? ? ? ?
\"Beverly Hills\'s Jason posted on Instagram on Thursday, giving followers a preview of this glittering device.
The post received nearly 8,000 likes in 24 hourshour span.
Joanna gaines revealed that the \"big\" Valentine\'s Day of Chip GAINES, this expensive accessory, immediately attracted some serious attention from fans and Apple users.
An Instagram user asked, \"What happens when the new iPhone launches lol ? \".
\"What happens when the next iPhone comes out. . .
You put this on eBay too?
Another response.
The third thought: \"What if your mobile phone is lost or lost ? \".
\"What\'s the point of a protective case that is more expensive than the actual phone?
Then a fan asked, \"haha.
Ryan Reynolds recalls the terrible bear he met while camping: \"We screamed bloody murders,\" and some admitted they would keep checking their pockets to make sure they were still there.
According to the men\'s fashion website Hypebeast, the case is 18-carat white-
A total of 80 karat diamonds are covered in gold.
\"As soon as the new iPhone came out, Drake reached out to me and wanted to create something epic to add to his jewelry collection,\" Jason alachburn, CEO of Beverly Hills Jason, told the fashion site.
Apple launched three new versions of the iPhone in September.
IPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and cheaper iPhone CR. \"[IPhone XSis
\"This is the most advanced iPhone we have ever had,\" Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the press conference . \".
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