phone cases double as wallets, printers and batteries

by:TenChen Tech     2020-03-02
In the case of Prynt, whether it\'s a phone case or a printer, the answer is.
The case was funded by Kickstarter. (Image via Prynt)
Smartphones should replace wallets.
Instead of buying with cash or credit cards, you put your phone on the counter and pay for your coffee or groceries.
In fact, each ID will be part of your phone: a library card, a frequent passenger card, or even a driver\'s license.
This is happening to some extent, but slower than what futurists have predicted.
Few people give up their wallets, cash and credit cards.
But other things are happening: the wallet is merged with the phone.
Phone cases provided by many companies can be twice as many as wallets, usually made of leather, to evoke the traditional concept of wallets, if not completely similar.
Bellroy is a company known for its small wallet, which costs $64.
95 case made of \"vegetables\"
Bronze Leather and polycarbonate that can store three credit cards and emergency cash.
The other model, known as a mobile pocket, can hold up to eight cards and functions more like a typical wallet, although there is a mobile phone in the wallet.
You can have change, bills, and even a spare key. It costs $99. 95.
DODOcase, another company, earns $69.
95 leather canvas mobile phone clutch.
The style is definitely old.
School, but it means storing your phone as well as cash and cards.
The wallet case is just a way to develop the phone case as a mobile phone protection.
Now your phone case can include a mirror, tripod holder, speaker, Holder, keyboard or extra battery.
On Kickstarter, a crowdsourced product site, dozens of entrepreneurs are seeking funding for innovation ---and strange--
Pick up the phone case.
Prynt calls itself \"the first instant camera case for iPhone and Android\" and is able to print photos directly from the case. Pre-
The order in this case is now accepted at $139 and the price of 50 sheets of paper is $25.
The project received $1,576,011 in funding on Kickstarter.
Another case is nexpaq, which allows you to customize your phone by adding a physical \"module\" inserted into the case, such as \"Lego blocks with special features \".
\"These modules work with the application to provide enlarged speakers, backup storage, and measurement of temperature and humidity.
Nexpaq received $279,758 in funding.
Of course, not all Kickstarter phones can do that. The Crib-
Case, a built-in case
On the cribbage board (
\"Perfect gift for any card mania \")
, Did not get enough funds on Kickstarter.
There may be special extras in some cases, but many of them have a feature goal.
Consider the phone case of Mophie.
These enclosures extend the battery life of the phone by integrating additional batteries in the enclosure.
When your phone is low on power, you only need to turn on the switch of the box and the phone will charge extra.
The box of Mophie may be expensive.
One of them, the space package also includes an additional storage space of 128 gigabytes for $149. 95. The low-
The final model costs $59. 95.
But no matter what you want in a case, you can find it. -
Case with keyboard, speaker, and even camera shutter button and lens.
Of course, if you can\'t find it, then you always have the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and create your own case through the Kickstarter campaign.
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