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by:TenChen Tech     2019-12-02
I knew about a month ago that I needed to make a particularly beautiful iphone case myself.
I read through my favorite blogger Darling\'s diary in Chicago and in one of the photos she lifted up this impressive pearl-studded iphone cover she purchased.
It\'s sparkling pink, heart and Pearl, oh I need it. (
On pink glitter I feel my knees weak, maybe I\'m still just a young lady on a basic level).
Still, I chose to make my own specific variants myself instead of giving in and scanning around to buy.
I need to see exactly how hard it is for them to do it because I can see that they will make a special donation.
This is not an ordinary rebel because it will take hours for this adventure.
Whether I offer it a major choice
Because when you\'re done, you get the chance to keep catching on to that little masterpiece.
For the terms, sell a clear iphone case at the dollar store.
I went to my dollar store but it was sold out.
They said they would bring them in once in a while and come back.
I ended up buying my case on Etsy for $7, so try the dollar store first.
Cabochon knickknack can be found at the art store or on Etsy under cabochon in the terms section.
You can also innovate and reuse things.
Many of my gadgets are scrapbook stickers and before sticking it down I peeled the cement on the back.
In addition, the charm of glue ball machine gadgets, jewelry, shoe nails, and the shed that was expelled can be considered.
Or, skip the gadget again and make a full look on the diamond.
The level back jewelry is really reasonable.
I bought the most pearls at Michael\'s place, about $2 per compartment. 99.
I also bought a small bag of flat back pearls on Etsy.
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This is a small box of my mobile phone.
This is a fun little production for yourself and ideal for blessing.
I\'m sure you will appreciate it.
The estimates given below will fit the new iphone 5 as this is what I have, however, for the iphone 4 or any other multi-functional phone, you can all adjust it without much stretching.
The phone case is no longer an assistant in the pocket: the new luxury model has become the charm of our appearance!
In the spring and summer of 2017, they are vivid, lively and vivid.
Worried that your phone will be bigger than your little handle?
No pressure, abandon them at home!
Yes, the new case is cool, the fashionista (Chiara first)
Went to the last design to indicate no bag.
Enjoy the lowest price and the best iPhone housing range only at Kase, as style is the key to the quality of iPhone housing and cool iPhone accessories.
So don\'t be afraid, choose the craziest and have a great time!
This means that you have plenty of opportunities to grab a part of the growing business sector for mobile frill.
Specifically, phone cases are hard to find and advance for those who want to inject some uniqueness or extra use into a gadget.
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